Mahmoud Abbas do hardly represent a handful of Arabs, but serve the CIA as best he can.

John Kerry have had a hard time to make Abbas do as Washington desire.
John Kerry have had a hard time to make Abbas do as Washington desire.

Dr. Sufian Abu Zaida, a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and a lecturer in political science at Al-Quds University, published an article on several prominent Palestinian websites describing Mahmoud Abbas as an authoritarian ruler who hoards all power to himself.

“He is chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and president of the State of Palestine and president of the Palestinian Authority, and he is also head of the Fatah movement and the general commander of the [security] forces, and due to the disruption of the activity of the Legislative Council, his [presidential] orders become law.”

Abu Zaida mentions former Palestinian police commander Ghazi al-Jabali, who was accused of a major embezzlement of public funds and vanished from the West Bank. A month and a half ago, he returned and the charges against him were dropped by the president’s office.

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

What we see in the ruler in Ramallah, is an American styled “puppet “, a proxy democrat that is no way less a criminal that the most hardcore “puppets” in the former CIA controlled Latin-America.

It is a good question who the USA is talking to, trying to find out if there is hope for “talking”.  Most likely the US talks to it self, her own paid CIA staffers in the PLO.  Just like they have hired the Afghan president to be on their payroll, also Mahmoud Abbas in paid from the accounts in Washington.

Than, why is Abbas so reluctant to “talk”?

Simply, because he know he might in the very next hour, become a victim of a suicide bomber. Shouting “allah in great”, send by Islamic Jihad or the Hamas.

So the best way, is to trade the waters. Put up such strict preconditions during “talks” about the possibilities of “talks”, that there is nothing much to talk about.

Anyhow. Abbas do hardly represent any Arabs, but a small core groups working for the Americans.  The show must go on. Kerry needs to reach the next press conference, with reporters who have no clue about what the Islamic agenda  is all about.  The removal of the last Jewish state from the face of the Earth. Another word for “Holocaust”.

Written by Ivar