German paper: Israel a “voracious Moloch”

Jewish think tank say German paper is spreading Nazi-propaganda.

If the German paper had made Muhammad look like this, the building would have been set on fire.
This is an Israelite. If the German paper had made Muhammad look like this, the building would have been set on fire.

An ugly monster, with a knife in hand and sharp horns is how a newspaper in Germany decided to portray Israel.

‪‪Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung publishes caricature of Israel as horned monster in attempt to question Germany’s military aid to Israel. The ADL claims the Image is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda.‬‬

The image is a caricature published by the Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung, a daily newspaper, criticizing Germany’s military aid to Israel. The paper attempted to express the manner Israel is viewed by its enemies.

“Germany presents” the drawing’s subheading reads and then elaborates: “For decades Israel receives arms, sometimes for free. Israel’s detractors believe Israel to be a voracious Moloch. Peter Beinart condemns this situation.”

Beinart is a liberal Jewish professor and journalist known for his critical stance on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. In his 2012 book The Crisis of Zionism, he called for a boycott on settlement products and warned that Israel’s polices in regards to the Palestinians were creating an ever-growing rift between the US’s liberal Jewish community and Israel.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was quick to slam the cartoon, saying in a statement: “Let us be clear. Like every other democracy Israel is never above reproach or criticism.

“The characterization of the Jewish state as a ravenous Moloch – an idol to whom children were sacrificed – is a blatant anti-Semitic canard,” Rabbi Cooper of the center added.

“The attempt to mention a Jewish critic of Israel is a failed fig leaf that neither justifies nor covers up the hate masquerading as political commentary.”

“However, the depiction of the Jewish state as a ravenous monster deploys a classic tool of dehumanization-animalization. Such horrific stereotypes were all-too devastatingly deployed by the propaganda machines of both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.”


My comment:

When nations like Sudan, Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Iran cripple or kill some of its Christian population, no newspaper in the west publish fresh cartoons exposing the insanity of Islam.

I guess its because the editors try to save their own life, by living in submission to this evil?

Publishing cartoons demonizing Israel can be done, without any risk. The Jewish state is not going to send suicide bombers to London and Paris, shouting “God of Israel is great”, crippling and killing innocent civilians.

Therefor, publishing this damnable Nazi-inspired cartoons are an cowardly act.  This is just like the puppets of Hitler would have done, in the run up to World War II.  Remember that the Holocaust did not take place in a vacuum. Almost half of the Germans were strong supporters of the Nazi-party, and rejoiced in his blunt antisemitic rhetoric.

Written by Ivar

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