Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and private Bradley Manning has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

Many ordinary men have taken to the street, to voice support for the hero's who expose the evil doers around President Barack Hussein Obama.
Many ordinary men have taken to the street, to voice support for the hero’s who expose the evil doers around President Barack Hussein Obama.

The former intelligence man Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.and the American soldier Bradley Manning, according to WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

It appears from the messages that WikiLeaks has sent out on Twitter.

– Now, Manning, Assange and Snowden all formally nominated for the Nobel, said in a Twitter message.

In several messages at the same time it is said that the Nobel Prize is corrupted because it is dominated by the political elite in Sweden and Norway and has become an instrument of foreign policy.

Former left wing Norwegian PM Jagland, hand over the "Peace price" to Obama.
Former left wing Norwegian PM Jagland, hand over the Nobel “Peace price” to Obama.

WikiLeaks points out that Norway is a member of NATO, while Sweden competes with Israel to be America’s closest allies.

– Therefore, previous laureates criticized the institution as corrupt, and sued for having destroyed its mission statement, it is alleged in Twitter messages from the site.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden is locked up in Moscow.

Evaluating candidates 
 The Swedish Nobel Foundation Rated last year about the Nobel Committee has remained to the articles enshrined in Nobel’s will. And it has, according to the foundation.

In our judgment, not the Peace Prize was awarded in violation of regulations, says Lars Heikensten for the Nobel Foundation said.

Nobel committee considering the way all nominations are postmarked by 1 February of the current year. Proposals that come later are normally included in next year’s assessment.

Source: Norwegian daily Dagens Nœringsliv.

My comment:

It is interesting that the Norwegian Nobel Committee were trilled when giving their “peace price” to a man like Barack Hussein Obama.

Not only continuing the war in Afghanistan, but locking up people in the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay for more than 10 years, and even spying on allied and friends.

Julian Assange is lockup in London.
Julian Assange is locked up in London.

Some few men have been brave, and exposed this evil. They should have been Christian leaders, belling the cat. But many Christian leaders where so obsessed with the claimed “Christian faith” of Obama, that they not only swallowed one of the biggest lies of modern history.  They refuse to repent, and remain silent.

To be able to escape the clutches of the “Christian leader” in the White House, Julian Assange has been helped by Ecuador.

Since no nation in the Western Civilzsation has been willing to grant political asylum to the founder of the Wikileaks, he literally remains house arrested in a building in London.

Edward Snowden is locked up in a hotel in Moscow. He has been granted asylum in a couple of Latin American nations, but have no guaranty that his plane will not be forced to land by the totalitarian US air force, someway down the road south.

Private Bradley Manning is a political prisoner inside the USA, facing the electric chair if convicted for espionage.

Bradly Manning could face the electric chair.
Bradly Manning could face the electric chair.

His crime is that he exposed Barack Hussein Obama as an enemy of human rights, freedom of expression and democracy.

Manning handed “secret information” over to Wikileaks, who had the guts to publish them. Exposing not only Obama, but the whole elite of the World to be a bunch of corrupt, deceased hypocrites.

Will Norway grant these three men the “Nobel price of peace”?

To be honest. This is almost unthinkable. When Snowden pleaded for asylum, Oslo did not even look at his applications before saying “no way”.

For all who side with the evils of Obama and his fifth columnists, there is only shame and eternal condemnation waiting.


Because if they do not repent, the return of the Messiah will become a brutal shock to them.  His message to many who claim to know Him will not be pleasant:  “I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers”.

Jesus the Messiah hate hypocrisy. He called those who taint the name of God for brood of wipers.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar