Prime minister David Cameron warned by military chiefs that there is little point in an all-out war with Al Assad.

The Conservative leader in the UK, and a dangerous deceiver of the flock.
The Conservative leader in the UK, next to a dangerous deceiver of the flock.

David Cameron has ditched plans to arm the Syrian rebels after being warned by military chiefs that there is little point sending weapons unless he is prepared for all-out war with the Bashar Al Assad regime.

Defence chiefs told the prime minister that sending small arms or ground to air missiles is ‘hardly worth it’ since it would make little difference to the outcome of the conflict.

General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, and other commanders told Cameron that even options like a no-fly zone would require air attacks on Syrian defences lasting weeks or even months.

Instead, senior ministers and Whitehall officials have revealed that the Coalition is drawing up plans to help train and advise moderate elements of the opposition forces battling Al Assad’s forces.

Cameron has been keen to act on Syria and demanded an end to the EU arms embargo on the country at the end of May to give him options.

But Tory whips have warned he has little prospect of winning a vote in the Commons if he sought to send weapons.

The military were asked to present options at a meeting of the National Security Council last month on the conflict, which has claimed 100,000 lives.

Source: Gulf

My comment:

The Obama-Islamic Jihad nexus is finally breaking apart.

I have for a long time hoped that David Cameron would see that Obama is a deceiver of the Western Civilization.  If United Kingdom stand up in the free World, it sends signals that something fishy has been discovered.  London has a unique historical record of detecting anti-democratic forces.

Let us pray that Jesus the Messiah will give Cameron the boldness to stand for the truth, and refuse to keep on feeding the Jihad movement. Also to discern the lying spirit, that rest on the tongue of Obama.

 1 Kings 22:23

‘So now the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The Lord has decreed disaster for you.

The question now, is if the Americans have learned anything about the Obama years in the White House.

How could they be so blind, and vote this sweet talker, to the post of their commander in chief? A supporter of salafism, the violent version of Sunni Islam?

How could the American totally ignore the value system of Obama, the fact that He has been raised to believe in the supremacy of Islam?

When you have given the emery access to the seats of power, it is difficult to get rid of them.  It will surely become difficult to clean up the present mess created in the White House, the Pentagon, the NSA and the CIA.

Written by Ivar