Reuters: Nigeria Islamists hit schools to destroy Western ideas

They crept up to the school under cover of darkness, armed with petrol and automatic weapons.

The "peace makers" of Boko Haram has just dealth with some Christian martyrs in Nigeria.
The “peace makers” of Boko Haram has just “massacred some Christian martyrs in Nigeria.

The Mamudo government school, charred and smelling of scorched blood after 22 students and a teacher were killed there in the July 6 attack near Potiskum in Nigeria’s northeast, was the fourth to be targeted by suspected Boko Haram militants in less than a month.

In a video uploaded to the Internet on Saturday, Boko Haram’s purported leader Abubakar Shekau denied ordering the latest killings, saying Boko Haram does not itself kill small children, but he praised attacks on Western schools.

 “We fully support the attack on school in Mamudo, as well as on other schools,” he said. “Western education schools are against Islam … We will kill their teachers.”

Boko Haram, a nickname which translates roughly as “Western education is sinful”, formed around a decade ago as a clerical movement opposed to Western influence, which the sect’s founder, Mohammed Yusuf, said was poisoning young minds against Islam.

Source: Reuters

My comment:

We have to thank Jesus, that slowly a light has appeared inside the international News Agency Thompson Reuters.  The editors admits there is a problem with Islam. Not only with “terrorism”.

Terrorism is in many way a neutral evil. It comes in many forms and ideological colors. To have a “war on terrorism” has never made sense.  That is why it can never give us success.

Who are the enemy? What is their final goal, and the true motives that make them use limitless violence?

Reuters have eventually stopped using the rhetoric of men like Barack Hussein Obama, claiming that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

The truth is that Koran-based Islam might be the most evil of these evils. It simply leads to the destruction of civilized societies, and replacement of civilized rule with barbarianism.

The fruits of Islam are obvious. Just look towards nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria and Somalia.

Do you want your neighborhood to be turned into one of these nations?

If not, you have to limit the power Islam shall have in your nation.

Because when they cross the threshold of just intermingling, called immigration.the Muslims are called to take political control of the arras where they have settled, and turn to Jihad. They give you an offer: Either you will live in submission to “allah” and his messenger, or we will slay you with the sword.

One of the most grotesque sides of Islamic nations, is their Ethnic cleansing of Christians from their soil.  Mass slaughter of all man who claimed God has a Son named Jesus, greater than Muhammad.  On of the nations has genocide its Christian population is Turkey, There are only 0,2 per cent Christians in Turkey.

What happened?

In the years 1915 and 1916, about 1,5 million Armenian Christians were slaughtered inside the Ottoman Empire. This is the second largest holocaust on Earth.

Do you want to repeat this genocide in Europe or in the United States of America?

Let us prat that Reuters keep in exposing these evil doers, and tell the readers the truth.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Reuters: Nigeria Islamists hit schools to destroy Western ideas

  1. One sees the insanity of these killings, the starvation,of other nations, the open filth of defilement portrayed as a good morals from other nations, covering an entire sect of humans (females) so only their eyes are barely seen if that much, while their men look no different than a street hawker for dope pushers at a football game..and they call themselves holy and that is another nation of insanity. Leaders dressed as dignitaries who would appear to speak wisdom for all concerned though they had just left the devils workshop behind the door they just came out of ….this too is another nation…each of these nations are within each of the nations on the Earth May God help us…the ones speaking Truth and pleading for others to listen, see these others are only interested in the Clanging of the Cymbals and the Golden Calves and the Statutes of the Harlot that goes by the current Catholic Name that brings in the money for that particular month! No different than the other religions…..!! These souls who lay dead in the streets whether good or bad, God heard their first cry and their last….as He also heard their first breath and their last….as He will ours…Pray brethren ….this world is not going to get any better..sorry to bust your bubble…but it’s not going to get any better….not until Jesus Christ returns and that is ‘after’ what has to happen first….please Repent while you can….Run to Jesus while you have your breath your mental faculties while you can whisper his precious name…Jesus Jesus Jesus…even to just think that Precious Name above all Names…will bring such comfort and peace ..Jesus…†

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