Laodicean Council deleted the Sabbath and all Jewishness

When the Roman Empire entered the Church, everything Jewish were banished. To observe the Sabbath became a criminal act.

Jesus of Nazareth would have been ex-communicated from many Churches today. Will you welcome him?

It is interesting to read the cannons of the Laodicean Council (363–364 AD).  Canon 29 in particular:

 Canon 29

  The Laodicean council specificially refers to the Sabbath: “Christians must not judaize by resting on the [Jewish] Sabbath, but must work on that day, rather honoring the Lord’s Day; and, if they can, resting then as Christians. But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be anathema (excommunicated) from Christ.

Who do these Christian bishops think they can fool?

To demand that followers of Jesus must work on the day the Master rested, is a horrible mistake.  Jesus was raised a Torah observant Jew, who never sinned. He surely kept the Jewish Sabbath that started at sunset on Friday evenings.

How can a Church Council demand that Christians “must work on that day”?

Are they trying to mock Jesus?

Since Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, I guess no one can say He was wrong, when He kept the Jewish Sabbath?

Jesus surely do love people who have to work on Saturdays, and have to take rest in Sunday. But do we all have to work on the Sabbath by Church ordinance and law?

Cannon 37 and 38 is also interesting reading:  This new Papal rule brand the Messiah as an heretic. Since Jesus celebrated all the Jewish feasts.

 Canon 37
It is not lawful to receive portions sent from the feasts of Jews or heretics, nor to feast together with them.

Canon 38
It is not lawful to receive unleavened bread from the Jews, nor to be partakers of their impiety.

(end of Cannon)

Already in the 4th century, the official Church had become antisemitic, and completely disconnected from the faith expressed by Jesus and His apostles. They were all Jews.

What about you?

First published: September 9th, 2011

Written by Ivar

23 thoughts on “Laodicean Council deleted the Sabbath and all Jewishness

  1. Thank you so very much for this article, brother Ivar. My eyes were opened in 2006 and now REALLY understand and know what it means to be “Christ-like”
    It means to walk as He walked and keep His Torah. Keep the Sabbath as He did and the Feasts according to Lev 23. Teaching repentance ( a return- to Torah) just as He did. Blessed shalom to you

  2. Jesus Kept the Law so we don’t have to be bound by it. The Sabath Law was for Isrealites who were under the Levitical Law, Christians are free. Moses was the Old Covenant Christ is the New.Saturday is the Sabath For those who are under the Law, those who are under the Law are under the curse of the Law. See Galatians, Romans & Hebrews.
    John 5:39-40 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. 40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

    1. Dear RabTheRanter.

      Sabbath Shalom.

      Jesus kept the law. He was not a law breaker. We are not under the law, but under grace. But we are not permitted to become lawless men. The last anti-Christ is branded by Paul the Apostles as the man of lawlessness.

      Feel free to keep the Jewish Sabbath. No Church law can delete the Law, and make Sabbath observance illegal. Feel free to rest on a Sunday, if you have to work on a Saturday.

      If you have to work the full weekend, and do a lot of good towards others, take rest on a Tuesday.

      Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath.

    2. Anti Nicene fathers in opposition
      the Constitution of the Holy Apostles (Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 7, p. 413; c. 3rd century) states: Thou shalt observe the Sabbath, on account of Him who ceased from His work of creation, but ceased not from His work of providence: it is a rest for meditation of the law, not for idleness of the hands…

      Early Christians
      “The primitive Christians did keep the Sabbath of the Jews;…therefore the Christians, for a long time together, did keep their conventions upon the Sabbath, in which some portions of the law were read: and this continued till the time of the Laodicean council.” “The Whole Works” of Jeremy Taylor, Vol. IX,p. 416 (R. Heber’s Edition, Vol XII, p. 416)
      “The seventh-day Sabbath was…solemnised by Christ, the Apostles, and primitive Christians, till the Laodicean Council did in manner quite abolish the observations of it.” “Dissertation on the Lord’s Day,” pp. 33, 34

      First century Christians…
      “There is not any city of the Grecians, nor any of the Barbarians, nor any nation whatsoever, whither our custom of resting on the seventh day hath not come!” M’Clatchie, “Notes and Queries on China and Japan” (edited by Dennys), Vol 4, Nos 7, 8, p.100.

  3. While I’m here could I just add this. It is true about the early ‘church’ being anti semetic, but just because they are wrong, it doesn’t mean that their target was right, Like the Americans and the Taliban, both might be wrong.

  4. wow very good thing as put here i was christian and i noticed people work on those days that is wrong….. we are suppose to rest on friday and prepare for the sabbath. god created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day which means he created the earth on a sunday by jewish standards sunday is the first day of the week and sat is the last day of week that means sunday mon tue wed thur friday end of work day rest on saturday no work, most jews work till noon friday and go home to prepare the sabbth meal and go to services, and no work on sat that is how god kept it that way, i became jewish by conversion because i beleived that judaism was the first faith that ever existed and christ was jewish messiah known by name of yeshua Ha mashiach if i spelled it right.translated jesus christ,i no longer work on weekends i am off friday saturdays, i rest and yes you wrote the right thing jesus did keep the jewish sabbath and he was raised by the torah and his mother and father mary and joseph were hebrews. and christ being raised jewish, he prepared for sabbath friday evenings but he did not approve of tables and money changers and those on grounds of the temple and drove them out of there, it was so real i love the story and i still know he is jewish always will be and he is the god of the house of israel and of abraham,issacc and jacob and nothing changes that. thanks for the note you put here about him, being a jewish christ. also it is ok to accept bread from jews and it is ok to partake with jews and it is also ok to sit with jews and come together to fellowship with them nothing wrong with that at all its not a crime to do that, why not we can sit with them anywhere here or in israel its wonderful, jesus is happy when we do that and welcome him as we welcome jewish people no matter what age it is. let is not forget that jewish people are good people.

  5. History– Both Scriptural and world history does not teach the saturnalia saturday so called sabbath, the saturnday saturday so called sabbath came through the vatican and the many bishops of rome. It has taken many centuries and generations for the fine tuning of saturday to be called sabbath. The ancient Hebrews used the lunar solar new moon day counting to conclude where and when the sabbath of our creator took place.
    Ancient worship was not fomented by any calendar of mans sorcery. Pagan religions never kept holy the sabbath of Yahweh, the father of creation and the plan of our salvation etc. The first five books of the first covenant never ever teach any kind of calendar of man or humanity. The new moon sabbaths were given by the father Yahweh, never would the father of eternity ever trust little man to have a honest calendar to guide his people in keeping his Holy Sabbath, which is NOT saturday! Modern day so-called jews who keep saturday are true to the gregorian calendar of rome called the Gregorian calendar, NOT ORDAINED OF HEAVEN! The 2012 calendar will also be steeped in sorcery and darkness, Monday through Sunday will still not be the calendar of Heaven and will not ever be approved of Heaven or father of eternity and creation ,”YAHWEH” ! HALLELUYAH PRASE YAHWEH !

    1. I would love more information about, ” Hebrews used the lunar-solar new moon day counting to conclude where and when the sabbath of our creator took place.” I know it’s a long shot but here’s my email.

  6. If I am reading your article right, you weren’t so much speaking of one day over another or which is the correct day to observe the Sabbath. Anyway, Christ Jesus is our Sabbath; we rest in Him and in His completed work on the cross.

    But I am intensely interested in finding out when and why the church turned away from the Jews, turned anti-semitic, and denied the Hebrew roots of our faith? It’s infuriating to feel robbed of such a vital connection to a clear understanding of my faith. It’s like trying to read words without ever having seen how letters were formed in the first place. We were grafted into them; it wasn’t the other way around.

    But your article only touches on this and now I have to know. Did it start with the Laodicean Council? Can you please write more about this? Please? I just want to understand how, when and why the church turned away from the Hebrew roots, and why were they anti-semitic? Also, why do they formally hold so much in common with the Islamic faith, whose god isn’t even the one true God, but is the Nabitean moon god. That’s who allah is, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I hope I’m not too late with this and that you’ll answer. In the meantime, I’m going to be looking up this Laodicean Council, too. Thanks.

  7. hmmm i dont know why this gets in the way,.but here is what i do know and what i learned when christ was resurrected after he was crucified, the early church started in israel a small group of jews (hebrews)began leaving judaism and the jewish way of life and started a church first one, and then it spread in the years inventing religions, catholic was beleived to have started first, i didnt get to those spread to other lands,countries. and then other religions rose up baptist luthern so and so. they think that this religion will get them to heaven, they are so friend you dont need to be baptist to get to heaven or catholic or any religion to go to heaven they think so, they are in trouble if they contiinue to think so those religions should have never came up if they left judaism they should have been plain gentiles thats it no religions. to cause all this trouble. the lord did not invent those religions people did human beings are the ones who started this whole thing. now anti-semitic well let me say this its the devils work satan has many people he used to bring that up. and he uses them to influence the mind of the humans to speak evil against the jews simply because there are jewish.and human beings like we are whats so bad about being jewish what is so evil about it nothing. judaism is the first religious faith that ever existed and YES judaism was the first one. that was in israel at that time before king david came and others came soon after.satan hates jewish people cause they are not liked since they pray at the wall they had a temple and they have prayer shawls kippah’s people think they look funny etc people think they are trouble makers. and cause people problems they make war etc thats wrong, thats not true that is thier natural way of life being jewish praying and having a temple and having this or that they do not cause war people just hate them and dont want them around.the way i see it judaism is beautiful and colorful and celebrated full of life. and people want to kill them for this. and stuff i think this world is about to be cleaned of all wicked soon.i do not follow the catholic laws sorry they are seriously a flaw are all wrong wrong wrong. they follow vacatican ways i dont think thats how people should follow it they worship images and idols i dont remember god warned in ten commandments thou shalt have no other gods before , thou shalt not bow down to graven images and idolatry they do that. they think they are right we are wrong thats evil of thier own minds. i think whats gonna happen is they are already becoming wicked satan is working on them right now i am seeing the vatican is about to recruit someone more evil than all and i dont trust them rome is the harlot for what i know i am sorry to say that but it is true. jesus kept the law because he wants us to keep the same laws he did. and wants us to be able to do what we are told and do what we are suppose to do i am glad christ taught us something. we do keep the sabbath it is on the weekend. the creation was 6 days on 7th day he rested 7th day is not sunday its saturday sunday is the first day of the week someone needs to read the books about that i will post more here later

  8. I found and read all 60 canons from the Laodicean Council and found it very interesting, especially as you read between the lines. People in the early church must have been observing the Sabbath on the seventh day or there would have been no prohibition about it written in this council. But, I also read the people in the early church observed both days. They observed the Sabbath day (rest in the Lord) and then gathered on Sunday to break bread and fellowship. Even within this council, though they were condemning the Sabbath rest, they were writing other guidelines pertaining to the Sabbath Day. Canon 16 states: The gospels are to be read on the Sabbath (Saturday), with the other Scriptures. Canon 49 states: During Lent the Bread must not be offered except on the Sabbath Day and on the Lord’s Day only. They differentiated by title both days, one from the other.

    Very definitely, the prohibition was to enforce an anti-semitic attitude and practice, but as I read between the lines, it didn’t begin here with this council. reading the 60 canons opened up, for me, many more questions than answers…so…back to my study.

  9. 1582 Was the year that the Gregorian calendar was “INVENTED” by rome, the current gregorian calendar was not and is not ordained of heaven and the eternal Father of eternity did not trust time keeping to man. Daniel 7:25 informs us that man would “THINK” to change the times and laws of our creator.
    The solar gregorian calendar “FLOATS” in time and is not ANCHORED in creation, from one new moon to another is how the CREATION CALENDAR sabbath is kept— not by saturnalia’s saturday— saturday is not in the bible, research your history of calendar science, DO NOT TAKE MY WORDS out of context!

  10. this in part is why so many believers do not consider Catholics to be Christians, Im not attacking faithful modern day catholics and the good works they do in the name of Christ today, but its historical roots. Romes plan to appease the followers of Jesus by creating a Roman religion that appeared to be a branch of the flock, which it was not. HOWEVER, since they didnt believe in the power of the God of Abraham, Jesus’s sacrifice,nor could they understand the strength of the faith of his followers. Gods grace, his forgiveness of sins, and his infinate wisdom,(dispite the past, and dispite our flawed nature to this day) propelled them to do many good works in HIS name. I pray before the last day that GOD opens their eyes and ears. That he plants in them a simple truth. That truth being that one at the LEAST must accept that Jesus is..was..Jewish, and without his adoption of those of us called Christians we would be hell bound. Some say that by grace we do not fall under TORAH. I wont pretend to be so smart as to say if that is correct, but I am smart enough to know relieved of that duty or not,if we truly believe in Jesus, we should at least know, and respect our Jewish counterparts Holy days, and be joyful that they keep them.

  11. The fact that the Roman catholic “church” declared sabbath-keeping anathema, is the best argument there is for Sabbath-keeping. They’ve made virtually every major doctrine of God’s Word anathema. I believe God loves and accepts us as His own, when we place our faith in Jesus Christ…not whether we go to church on Saturday or Sunday. Jesus is our Sabbath rest.

  12. History clearly shows that the Catholic Church, single-handedly and without biblical precedent or authority, outlawed the observance of the Sabbath and Festival days. This, in itself, authenticates that these were normative practices of the early Christians centuries beyond Christ’s death. What has emerged in the following centuries is a theology – an interpretation and consequently translations – that seeks to reinforce the objectives of the Catholic Church. Looking at the matter today, we are now confronted with arguments – using Scripture – that highlight some of the idiomatic and antinomian (anti-law) statements of Paul’s – Eph. 2:14-16, Gal.3:10, Gal 5:4-6; 18, while ignoring his clear statements that support the law of God, e.g., Romans 2:13.

    I have dealt with these issues in my book Beyond the Impasse: Finding Harmony in Faith & Law available as an ebook:

    In addition, a direct link to a .PPT file that give a very cursory overview of Paul’s contrasting scriptures of the value of the law can be seen here:

    The book really provides a quality discussion that is, for me, required reading.

  13. when in the scriptures Yahusha’a/J-sus speaks about binding things on earth he is refering to the Torah and the prophets; not some figment of men’s imaginations; in Brshyt/Genesis 6 we learn that the imagination of men’s hearts was only evil. we are not to rely on our own imagination or ideas; but refer to the scripture for answers to the questions and determinations of life; (i know it has been tampered with and pared down to 66 books to honour the mark of the beast but Yah’s Ruach can guide any truly earnest and humble talmidiy/student into all truth)

    no one is immune from the error of Adam; they fell; we are their fallen children; we cannot return to Adam’s original status except through Yahusha’a Ha Mashiach the Qodesh/Renewed Adam.

    since Creation to this very day YHUH/L-rd Elohym/Powers (and it’s righteous host) has kept the day most have rejected and thought to change. If you read “The Two Babylons” you will discover whose day Sunday is:

    Nimrod-Semiramis (incestuous marriage)/Shatan’s day. and the Catholic Church is the guardian/enforcer of all things related. their organization’s Petros is not the Apostle Shimon/Simon Kepha/Peter.

    also, the modern-day Jews are not Ysraelites; as we learn from scholars and writers such as Professor Sand, Arthur Koestler’s book “the 13th Tribe”, and other books; the Jewish Almanac in their article “Identity Crisis”. genetic science (Eran Elhaik and Ariela Oppenheim) conclusively proves that Josephus (War of the ‘Jews’) is correct when he relates that the Pharisees were not Ysraelites but Edomites/sons of Yavan/Javan forced to convert by one of the later Hasmonean/Maccabee rulers. modern Judaism is Phariseeism; they are descendants of Edom who married Yid/Germanic tongue with our Hebrew language. accordingly the Siddiqiym/Sadducees were Ysraelites though.

    it explains why they told Yahusha’a/J-sus that they were Abraham’s seed (but could not claim to be Ya’aqob’s seed); please note also Yahusha’a referred to them as “white-washed” (hinting at their appearance): they were very light-skinned like the Romans. whereas Shem/Ysrael (the “Negroes” not being Hamites according to Zondervan’s dictionary) has always been “dark” according to the Baal Shem Tov; though not jet-black like many of the Hamites (“Africans”) or very pale like many of the Japhetites (“Europeans”).

    i think that the Pharisees were very able to “rule” Ysrael because of their family-association with Rome and its rulers: including Herod who was also an Edomite according to Josephus.

    the Greeks and Romans are also related to Esau. the book of Jasher details that Aliphaz (Esau’s son) escaped from Egypt to the sons of Yauan/Yavan (whose descendants are the Greeks and Romans) and became their first ruler. his grandson was Latinus. i have confirmed this by finding information about early history of Greece and Rome (unfortunately i cannot recall the reference; but one only need Google).

    if you understand what Yermyahu/Jeremiah means when he by Baruch the scribe said that the Gentiles will realize their fathers have taught them lies you will seek just as i and many others have to find the truth and get out of Babel; i do so even though i am a descendant of Ya’aqob. it is a calling to any and every true seeker after righteousness to do so.

    Shalawm/Peace b’Yahusha’a/J-sus

    1. it explains why they (the Parushym/Pharisees) claimed to be Abraham’s seed (to clarify)

  14. to the original poster:

    the image you are showing supposedly of Yahusha’a is after the renaissanced image of Cesare Borgia (a vile, murderous, psychopath); it portrays Yahusha’a as a clean leper. the description of Yahusha’a is very much like that of the Ancient of Days in Danyal 7.9 found in Chazon/Revelation 1.13-16: hair white like wool (texture). and skin like brass/bronze (reddish brown metal) refined in the fire.

    if it is hard to accept that Yahusha’a is not white or European/Edomite at least do not misrepresent what the Righteous One looks like.

    Shalawm b’Yahusha’a.

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