Merkel whitewash the US spy-crimes of Obama

‘Intelligence is essential for democracies’, explains German Chanseler Angela Merkel.

"Good by, blue sky". The Governments has launched a war on its own citizens.
“Good by, blue sky”. The US and German Governments has launched a war on its own citizens.

Merkel stressed that intelligence “has always been and will in future be essential for the security of citizens” of democratic countries. “A country without intelligence work would be too vulnerable,” Merkel said.

At the same time, she observed that there must be a “balance between maximum freedom and what the state needs to give its citizens the greatest possible security.”

Merkel emphasized that German-American special relationship should not be endangered by the incident.
“America has been, and is, our most loyal ally over all the decades,” Merkel said, but pointed out thatWashington should clear up the situation with the US allegedly bugging the embassies of the European countries and the EU facilities, noting that “the Cold War is over.”

“Stasi and NSA are not comparable”

In acknowledgment of the Germany’s contemporary history, Merkel, who grew up in East Germany, refused to make any parallels between the methods of work of DDR’s secret police Stasi and America’s NSA.

“For me, there is absolutely no comparison between the Stasi and the work of intelligence agencies in democratic states,” she was quoted as saying. “They are two completely different things and such comparisons only lead to a trivialization of what the Stasi did to [East Germany’s] people,” said Merkel.

Washington and Beijing. Birds of the same feathers, fly together.
Washington and Beijing. Birds of the same feathers, fly together.

It emerged recently that Germany happens to be the most-snooped-on EU country by the American National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA’s real-time online surveillance PRISM program allows US intelligence agencies to intercept virtually any communications over the internet, phone calls and makes possible direct access to files stored on the servers of major internet companies.

Source: Russian TV

My comment:

No one denying that all democracies must have intelligence, keeping an eye on the enemies of democracy.

The problem with unlimited intelligence, is that such spying will be a breach of the constitutional rights on justice. All of us have a right of being accused before convicted.

Before spying on any of its citizens, the Government must present evidence of serious criminal activities in court, and get permission from an independent judge.

A nation that gives a blank cheque for spying and monitoring all its citizens, are no better than any totalitarian dictatorship.

A cartoon sometimes express the truth better than 1000 words.
A cartoon sometimes express the truth better than 1000 words.

That Germany whitewash the totalitarian attitudes of Obama, is alarming.  When the National Socialists ruled in Berlin, there was a widespread support among Germans to “cripple” the enemies of the state.  It would soon be impossible to express other views than of the Nazi party.

Angela Merkels whitewash of Obama does not surprise all who have read Der Spigels warning from Edward Snowden:

In an interview to be published in this week’s issue of SPIEGEL, American intelligence agency whistleblower Edward Snowden criticizes the methods and power of the National Security Agency. Snowden said the NSA people are “in bed together with the Germans.” He added that the NSA’s “Foreign Affairs Directorate” is responsible for partnerships with other countries. The partnerships are organized in a way that authorities in other countries can “insulate their political leaders from the backlash” in the event it becomes public “how grievously they’re violating global privacy.” Telecommunications companies partner with the NSA and people are “normally selected for targeting” based on their “Facebook or webmail content.”.

Source: Der Spiegel.

Many people might feel this is acceptable, but it smells like National Socialism to me. The totalitarian values of Hitler has formed a bridge head in the White House. And Nazism seems to be back in Germany.

 Mark 13:19

because those will be days of distress unequalled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now – and never to be equalled again.

No doubt. Jesus the Messiah promised us trouble unequal to what has taken place since the Creation of the Earth, just before his second coming.

True. It seems like fascism will spread all over the Planet this time, a cancer not possible to stop from spreading. The last and final antichrist will be hailed, before He is destroyed by the second coming of the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Merkel whitewash the US spy-crimes of Obama

  1. Dear Ivar.

    Thanks for this post.

    The World has turned upside down.The free and democratic US has turned to be the nasty one. If Russia is going to be part of UN’s peacekeeping forces in Golan, the confusion is total – ready for the final antichrist. But we know, that the final victory belongs to Christ – our LORD.


    1. Dear Lis.

      Sabbath Shalom.

      It is permitted to do good on the Sabbath. It was not a Russian conspiracy to remove the link. It was I who had done a mistake. Now, the link is working. To the benefit of all truth seekers. Blessings.

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