Marine Len Pen to face trial for racism and “Islamofobia”

The European Parliament has removed the immunity of the French far-right leader and MEP Marine Le Pen, paving the way for her prosecution in France.

Marie Le Pen warns against the spread of Islam, and should be permitted to do so.
Marine Le Pen warns against the spread of Islam, and should be permitted to do so.

French prosecutors opened a case against Ms Le Pen in 2011 after she compared Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation of France.

Ms Le Pen, leader of the National Front (FN), is accused of incitement to hatred and discrimination.
The vote followed a move by a committee of MEPs to remove her immunity.

The request to do so came from the chief prosecutor’s office in Lyon, the city where, in December 2010, Ms Le Pen told FN supporters that the sight of Muslims praying in the street was similar to the Nazi occupation in World War II.

In her speech, broadcast by French media, she said that first France had seen “more and more veils”, then “more and more burkas” and “after that came prayers in the streets… I’m sorry, but some people are very fond of talking about the Second World War and about the occupation, so let’s talk about occupation, because that is what is happening here…

There are no tanks, no soldiers, but it is still an occupation, and it weighs on people”.

Ms Le Pen took 17.9 per cent of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election last year.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

I am not a supporter of Marine Len Pen. But I strongly support her right to freedom of expression. That is the pillar that separates the civilized society from barbarism of different kind.

Are Muslims who pray on the street of Paris, like the Nazi occupation of France?

Off course not. France do still have the legal power to ban such public appearances, since it disturbs public peace. Public prayer calling for Jihad needs to be criminalized.

To be able to remove Nazism, France needed military help from the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Lets hope such military help in not needed to help France one more time.

We have to show zero tolerance to the intolerant. Any ideology built on evil, should not be permitted to hide behind claims of being a religion.

Like Nazism is banned in Germany and Austria, Islam should ideally be banned in France. That will defend a civilized societies from being taken over by barbarians.

Is it possible to get Islam banned in France?

Probably not. To many socialists and liberals support Islam as a “religion of peace”. So the second best option is to contain it, stop it from spreading. Nations like Israel and India has such restrictions. Both have learned the hard way.

The Islamic-Nazi nexus is obvious. It is built on deeply rooted Jew-hate, and will eventually produce Holocausts.

Islam also work for world control, the idea of forcing all to live in submission. The meaning of Islam is submission. True followers of Jesus the Messiah have been persecuted and even martyred by Muslims during the last 1.400 years.  The carnage still goes on in the Arabian World, in Asia and in North Africa. Islam is a never ending bloodshed and a curse.

Are all Muslim terrorists?

Not at all. Many nominal Muslims are good people, with warm hearts. Many are sufi’s, who do not harm anyone. But they are supposed to become spiritual and radicalized, and produce Shahid’s. Followers of Muhammad, ready for Jihad. Behold: Koran based Islam has millions of followers who are sleeping, who can be turned into human bombs.

Should I be permitted to say this, and still be protected by freedom of expression?

Now, you tell me.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Marine Len Pen to face trial for racism and “Islamofobia”

  1. France wanted man-power, so also many countries.This is the ultimate out come.People want to prosper with cheap labor to begin-with.Fruits of immigration.
    The Prime Minister of Australia,has given, a boot to all these people,the second time.I hope you publish that.

      1. Even in India if one does not have an sound-mind, you are in problem. Short-term or long-term. Question and answer is within your hands-reach.

      2. Dear 35ronnie


        My point is that immigration is not bad. If the immigrants come to bless and help. Immigration that wants to take over your nation, and force you to live in submission is bad. The immigration is than the first step towards occupation. To have 50.000 Pols working in Norway, is something very different from having 100.000 Muslims in Oslo, silently accepting and supporting Jihad. Islam must be contained. The fruits of Islamic nations are obvious.

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