The American war on humanity through the CIA

Former CIA operative John Stockwell summarize the victims of the US war on humanity to be at least six million.

The World believe the US is the upholder of freedom and democracy. But through the CIA, the Government in Washington D.C is as curl as any dictatorship under the sun.

The US cripple and kill people “overseas”. Oceans apart, non of the victims has the ability to strike back. They do not have ICMB,’s  war planes or economical tools to boycott America.

Take a look at this video, who display the ugly truth.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “The American war on humanity through the CIA

  1. Well, what can one expect of an organization modeled after German Intelligence; by a former nazi? The secret leadership of the USA brought Reinhardt Gehlen to America to «help them» build up CIA after WW2.
    This has never really been a secret.

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