Kuwait will never trade with Israel: MP

Kuwaiti MP Saleh Ahsour has stated that Kuwait will never establish trade and diplomatic relations with Israel.

Former MP in Kuwait
MP Salhe Ashour in Kuwait wants to persecute all who trade with Israel.

In an interview with the local Al-Watan newspaper, Ashour stated:

”There is no way that Kuwait will ever establish trade relations with Israel. It is illegal to trade with Israel in Kuwait and whoever breaks the trade law is subjected to heavy fines and lengthy jail sentences.”

Ashour added: ”There have been false allegations by some media that Kuwaiti MPs agreed to start trade relations with Israel. There are absolutely no plans in the government to open trade relations with Israel. Two former MPs allegedly support trade ties, their opinion doesn’t matter since they are not currently in the government and have no political power.”

‘Kuwait doesn’t even recognize the state of Israel. We will never recognize an illegal state like Israel.”

All forms of trade, commercial and financial transactions with Israel are forbidden in Kuwait. Punishment for violating this boycott results in a sentence of three to ten years hard labor and a fine. Kuwait has an active ‘Customs Office for Boycotting Israeli Goods’ which prevents the entry of Israeli products. The Office has created a hot-line with the Kuwaiti BDS organization in order to coordinate efforts.

Kuwait had been the chief financier of the PLO for decades following its inception, however ties were briefly cut following the Gulf War. Ties between the State of Palestine and Kuwait were recently resumed and Kuwait donated more than $50 million to Palestine last month.

Source: The Examiner.com

My comment:

What do the Islamic emirate of Kuwait and the Post Christian, former Lutheran Kingdom of Norway have in common?

They are both among the Worlds largest supporters of the PLO, and Islamic terrorism against the state of Israel.

Both nations also work for boycott of Israel, in a bid to get rid of the Jewish state.  Kuwait says it bluntly, so no one can misunderstand the Islamic agenda.  Norway is more deceitful, claiming they just want Arabs to get more land. Not telling the truth, that the ‘Norwegian peace accord” will make Israel so mall, that no army in the World can defend her.

It good to know who the brothers in arms are. Norway and Kuwait are parts of a rainbow alliance, that has joined hands against God of Israel. Because of their total rejection of the Word of God, they move hand in hand towards judgment and destruction.

 Joel 3:2

I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for [their treatment of] My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and [because] they have divided My land.

Behold: Jesus the Messiah is about to return. He will separate the sheep and the goats.  His faithful servants will be taken to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. All hypocrites and those who have done mischief, will be thrown into the lake of fire.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Kuwait will never trade with Israel: MP

  1. Kuwait is probably a part of the promised land anyhow (it is containing Israel, Lebanon, Syria, part of Turkey, Iraq (until Euphrates and all along it), Kuwait, Northern part of Saudi-Arabia (containing Macca and Madina), all Sinai (border: The Suez Canal – which is the «river of Egypt»).

  2. Are the people forgetting that this is the same Kuwait that had people come in a take their street lights !!! or is that a memory they chose to forget a long with countless other things of war done that they wanted other countries to enter into their country to come in there and help free them !!! their memory seems short!!

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