The “Emerging Church” is sinking

Are you a member of an ‘Emerging Church” who compromise with the World?

To all of you who are waiting for the massive end times revival:

Are you in a Church like this, you need to warn people around you.

There will emerge a powerful religious movement backed by signs and wonders. But that us the revival shaped by the last man of lawlessness and those to submit to lawlessness.

The above video might be helpful

Jesus warned us through the book of Daniel, that not sincere people would like to get power and importance in our Churches. The end of the age will also be full of betrayal and lukewarmness.

First published: April 2nd 2012.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “The “Emerging Church” is sinking

  1. A very sober time in the lives of all who are professing to be believers. The Camps are full of many voices. Many will be lulled to sleep some even ‘on fire’ for the ’cause’ to ‘be One’ in Unity. Truly dangerous and deadly, to listen to these deceived pawns of Satan.

  2. Satan is always your pretext !
    I do not feel even he exists, cause he is so weak in Islam faith !
    Believe in Allah, be exalted, in the right way, simply by studying your book, the eyes open as your mind, you will find the truth.
    Your book proves our Islam. Stop.

    1. The Bible absolutely does NOT prove Islam—The Old Testament long pre-dates Mohammed and the New Testament pre-dates Islam by 700 years.

      The only thing that is predictive of Islam is when the Apostle John speaks of those who deny that Jesus is/was God in human flesh. Those who say that are anti-Christs. You never answer me when I ask you this. I will ask it once more: If you believe that Jesus is a prophet—why do you not believe Him? He said that He and the Father are one—that no one comes to the Father except by Jesus. Jesus told His disciples to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. You will probably just attack the Scriptures as you always do—but I can assure you that they have much more credibility than any other book in the world.

    2. Dear Marwan,

      Why do you come here? Your book the Koran says Christians should be dead. Why on earth would we be attracted to such a violent faith “veiled” in the lie of a “peaceful religion.” Islam is as peaceful as a hand grenade.
      I pray you come to Jesus as Savior and Lord.
      The fact you feel satan is “weak” and doesn’t exist, proves he has been successful in completely deceiving you.

      1. Amen Sueliz1 …!! Children of The Devil think they can do as they please they have no clue they are led around like a wooden puppet on strings only to be cast into the Fire Pits of Hell with their Father Satan! Let the women this devil has beaten, and the children he has molested and/or supported in this hellish religion, be his judge in Hell of which they will be! Some of these defend their god, well they’re about to meet them personally and find out they will accuse them forever while taunting them in the fires of hell! And I am one person in Jesus Christ, among many who will NOT APOLOGIZE TO A DEVIL OR A CHILD OF SATAN! Those who do need to spend their time in the pits together, either be bold for Jesus Christ or get off the Pot! Ezekiel had no problem telling the prophets of Baal what they are!! Godless spawns of Hell!

    1. Yeah I saw a Document last year, signed by Rick Warren and many of the well known and not so well known ‘professed to be Christians’ in agreement to the Unity of the Faith, that lifts up the One Faith around the World. It’s been around for a while that surprised me. This one, you show is basically a stronger one …it’s all over but the crying..I can’t say sad, for The Lord said this would be. They have tried to bring this about for many years. He even said that too, but this time it’s got it’s teeth set in, by His approval, so we who believe must be awake or we’ll believe this lie also as many do! Thanks Sueliz1 for this video…thank you

  3. “Emerging church into culture of world” = departure from Biblical doctrine. The “emerging church” is yet another lie and yet another road to the evils of Rome.

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