The Islamic Arab terror organization Hamas is losing its most substantial ally, one that gave it vital political support.

Withe the removal of Muhammad Morsi, the Hamas has lost an brother in arms.
Withe the removal of Muhammad Morsi, the Hamas and Ishmail Hanyeth has lost an brother in arms.

The Military cue in Egypt is a victory for young revolutionaries, but not for democracy. Egypt might be heading into a cycle of violence with regional implications.

The statement issued Wednesday evening by Egypt’s Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi confirmed the expectations of the last few days: the army, backed by the masses, had carried out a coup.

Yes, tens of millions had taken to the streets in recent days, illustrating just how badly the majority of the population wanted to see president Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood out of office. But Morsi was installed just a year ago, having been democratically elected. And he was overthrown by the military.

But for Hamas, the news out of Cairo Wednesday night was especially grim. The Palestinian organization is losing its most substantial ally, one that gave it vital political support. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent organization and in many ways its “Godfather,” lost its power to a military establishment that is hostile to the Palestinian group’s goals.

Hamas, which has clashed with Syria and Iran over the course of the last year, now finds itself nearly isolated in the Arab sphere. Perhaps the new reality in which it finds itself will lead the weakened Hamas to conclude its reunification with Fatah.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

The new military dictatorship in Egypt, have implications on the security situation in the Middle East.

Like: The Basher al-Assad regime has got a little bit of fresh air.  Syria is no longer the lone secular military dictatorship, among Israel neighbors.

Why should NATO fight a dictatorship in Damascus, and not in Cairo?

Also the Israeli Government would rather have military rule in Cairo, than to face an extreme and not predictable Islamic republic.

In this way, both Syria and Israel silently rejoices over the ouster of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. Now its back to “normal”, and the Status Quo that has brought peace since 1973, can continue.

It is not the military rulers in Syria and Egypt that has brought instability to the Middle East. Is the irresponsible Western support of Islamic terror-organizations like the PLO, the Hamas, the Hizb”Allah, Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the end of the road, the Muslims will have to establish a peace agreement between the major sunni and shia sects.  It might be easier to establish this “peace deal” with military rulers in place in Cairo, Damascus and Iran.  When this deal is done, they will agree to fight their common enemy. The Jewish presence in the Middle East,  Zionist Israel.

Therefore: A renews military dictatorship in Cairo, will only give the Jewish state a temporary, not lasting feeling of security.

Written by Ivar