Turkish court scraps plan to redevelop Taksim Square

A Turkish Court has cancelled plans to redevelop Taksim Square, according to Reuters.

Even the EU have now understood the Islamic values of Edrogan's new Turkey.
Even Angela Merkel has now understood the dangerous non European values of Edrogan’s new Islamic Turkey.

The Istanbul authorities had planned to turn the historic site into a monument to the Ottoman Empire as well a shopping mall, which sparked mass protests last month.

The court ruled in early June during the height of the unrest that the government’s plan to rebuild the square broke preservation rules, that it spoiled the square’s identity and broke other regulations, according to a lawyer for the plaintiffs.

The ruling may jeopardize what many saw as Prime Minster Erdogan’s personal plans to remake Taksim Square into a memorial to the Ottoman Empire.

The dispute over the redevelopment of the square sparked nationwide anti-government protests, which developed into a wider protest at his authoritarian style of rule.

The anger soon grew into mass demonstrations against Erdogan’s rule and his Islamist inspired policies. The protests, which started in May, and dragged on throughout most of June, left four people dead and 7,500 injured, some of them seriously, according to the Turkish Medical Association.

Source: Russian TV

My comment:

This is a tactical defeat for the authoritarian Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.  But to beat the Islamists, you have to remove them from office.

As long as the Islamists control the government, this victory will only be temporarily.

Turkey will continue the road towards an Islamic state, and a major supporter of Jihad in the Middle East, the former Ottoman Empire.

But i rejoice with all secular Turkish citizens. I share their joy that the Taksim Square will remain a symbol of the fight to secure Turkey as a secular democracy. May Jesus the Messiah. save all Turks with a hot heart Amen.

Written by Ivar

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