Desperate Obama blocks army reading The Guardian

US troops deployed to Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia have ‘theater-wide block’ to Guardian.

Some few Newspaper still tell us the truth about Barack Hussein Obama.
Some few Newspaper still tell us the truth about Barack Hussein Obama.

The US military has blocked access to the Guardian’s website for troops in the Middle East and south Asia, after disclosures about widespread US surveillance.

On Friday, the Pentagon and the US army told the Guardian that automated content filters installed on Department of Defense (DoD) networks to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of classified information had blocked access to selected aspects of the Guardian’s website.

But in for troops in Afghanistan, the Middle East and south Asia, the restriction applies to the entire website.
“This is a theater-wide block,” reads a page that loads when troops in Afghanistan using the Defense Department’s non-classified internet protocol (NIPR) network attempt to access the Guardian online.

The Guardian

My comment:

The Pentagon seems to be worried that we soon might see widespread subordination in the combat forces of the US.

To serve the nation with a Commander of Chief that has sided with the enemy, must be a tough call for US commanders and lower level officers.

The UK paper the Guardian has got access to secret US document, proving that the CIA has been ordered to spy on its former allies. Like France and Germany. Obama knows that both Paris and Berlin, is ruling over a lager number of Muslims that lives in submission to a Christian inspired value systems.

Being convinced that Islam is “a religion of peace”, Obama needs to rally the Islamic forces in Europe behind his global vision.  To be able to find the weak points in the European structures that has hold its fortress against Islam, Obama’ites spy on them all.

Let us hope that Westminster and David Cameron finally have understood who Obama is. And that the United Kingdom again will stand as a bastion against the totalitarian forces that wants to destroy our culture, faith and societies.

Let us pray that Westminster do not join Barack Hussein Obamas bid to silence The Guardian, or make it a dhimmy paper under the present regime in Washington D.C.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Desperate Obama blocks army reading The Guardian

  1. Obama has been preparing for this event. He has been getting rid of Generals who would not be loyal to him. He has been weakening our military by giving away our weapons to our enemies However, the worst thing that Obama has done is to make homosexuality legal, and acceptable, in our armed forces.

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