UK Liberal leader call the bluff of Obama

3.500 tons of weapons already sent to Jihad’ist rebels in Syria, says former leader of the Liberals in the UK, Paddy Ashdown.

Paddy Ashdown do not have to be a Christian to call the bluff of Obama. But if you support the Hussein in the White House, you are an evil doer.
Paddy Ashdown do not have to be a Christian to call the bluff of Obama. But if you support the Hussein in the White House, you are an evil doer.

Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader, spoke out against arming Syria’s rebels and called for pressure to be put on Qatar and Saudi Arabia to cut off funding for arms.

“They do not need arms. It is an unchallenged figure that 3,500 tons of arms have been shipped in by way of Croatia with the assistance of the CIA, funded by the Saudis, funded by the Qataris, going almost exclusively to the more jihadist groups,” the former international high representative for Bosnia said in a debate.

“I know where those weapons are coming from. They are the weapons left over from the Bosnian war. They are being shipped out in large measure through Croatian ports and airports and I can tell you they are making vast sums for corrupt forces in the Balkans.”

Lord Ashdown described the rebels as “not a fit and proper collection of people for us to be providing arms to”.

“Syria is the “front line in a wider conflict” involving an attempt to build up a radicalised jihadist Sunni population to fight a war against the Shia”.

 Paddy Ashdown

“This is about the preparations some are deliberately making to have a wider religious conflict,” he said

Source: The Telegraph

My comment:

The media in America has failed is ideals. A handful of newspapers in the United Kingdom is left almost alone to stand up for freedom and democracy.  You need to read papers like The Guardian and The Telegraph to get the truth about Obama. And interesting enough, the Russian press seems to be more reliable than any kind of US source of information.

Barack Hussein Obama is basically a sunni Muslim supporter, with a desire to arm its salafists militants. They are having the imam’s and king of Saudi Arabia as their religious heads, and are called to fight the influence of Iran.

That the US government and NATO are involved in the 1.400 year old civil war within Islam, is obviously regrettable.  It would not have been possible if the west has not left its Judeo-Christian values that is the base for civilized political thinking.

A future cease fire, and peace agreement among the Muslims can only come, and will be based on, forming a united front to fight Zionist Israel.  No true Christian will support this Saudi-American “peace plan” based on an evil Islamic agenda.

Any born again Messianic believer should have been able to call the bluff of Obama. To see that his Islamic upbringing and totalitarian values make Obama unfit to be a leader of a civilized people.

If Obama is not impeached, we have to question the soundness of the whole American political system.

How can the Senate and House of Representatives, accept that the US Constitution in being set aside, and replaced by a pagan Roman style authoritarian emperor?

That is exactly what the idea of an Islamic caliphate is all about. The longing for the super “Imam” who would come and be the leader of the Global Jihad.  To force the World to live in submission to “allah” and his messenger.

But before the final “peace agreement” among the Muslims are being enforced, Syria will cease to be a nation. The ancient city of Damascus will be reduced to rubble. Just like God of the Bible told us through one of his prophets, 3.000 years ago.

 Isaiah 17:1

A prophecy against Damascus: ‘See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

Civilized people, who base their life on Judeo-Christian values, do not destroy their own cities and people.  Barbarians do, and have always done.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “UK Liberal leader call the bluff of Obama

  1. You need to get your hands on the book ‘shadows of the beast’ by Jacob prash. I was just reading today about Nero and Obama sounds eerily like him. Nero began as a benevolent emperor who showed true colors after gaining full political, economic and strategic power through which he became deranged both spiritually and mentally. He had a peculiar relationship with his mother.


    Dennis and Monica

  2. Rose, I read that book, it is excellent! Another thing Jacob reminds us is that at the last supper (Matt. 26:20-25) when the disciples were eating with Jesus not one them knew who would betray Jesus, they each even asked “is it I?” And in verse 25 Jesus revealed it to them that is was Judas (who was literally possessed by Satan) . The anti-Christ will be revealed at the right time to the faithful church. 2 Thess. 2:3 says, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first. AND THAT MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED, THE SON OF PERDITION.” Also, about back sliden King Solomon, he also was a type of anti-Christ. The Queen of Sheba gave (1 Kings chapter 10) six hundred threescore and six talents of gold (666) in verse 14. Jacob reminds us that the Queen of Sheba is a metaphor for the Gentile church. Also in verse 7, it describes King Solomon who built a high place (1 Kings 11:7) . The point I would like to make is that remember when Obama was elected the first time? (I did not vote for him, of course) His theme was Solomon’s Temple. Remember how extravagant it was, and expensive? Just a thought!

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