Islamic police let the Muslims headquarter be set on fire in Cairo

“Some protesters threw stones and petrol bombs at the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

The Islamic riot Police let "demonstrators" put the Muslim Brotherhoods office on fire.
A group of youth put the Muslim Brotherhoods office on fire. Just like the Nazis used Nazis to set up a trap in Berlin in 1933.

Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday saw the biggest demonstration since the 2011 revolution which ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

The demonstration was largely peaceful, but some protesters later threw stones and petrol bombs at the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Berlin on 27 February 1933. The parliament on fire.
Berlin on 27 February 1933. The Reichstag  on fire.

At least one person was killed when shooting broke out near the political office, activists and a hospital official said.

Meanwhile, thousands of Mr Morsi supporters staged a rally in the Cairo suburb of Nasr City.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

For Hitler to enforce martial laws in Berlin in 1933, he blamed the opposition for putting the parliament on fire.

Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood needs an excuse for setting the new Constitution in Egypt a side, and let Mursi reign during an “emergency period”, supported by the White House.

It is spectacular, that a small number of men can put the headquarter of the Muslim Brotherhood on fire, in a street that looks totally deserted.

Where are the Mursi controlled riot police?

Could this be a copy-cat act of the Nazis?

The Muslim Brotherhood could have picked up this idea from Berlin in 1933?

Is this a pre-paid Fascists mob of Muslim Brotherhood provocateurs, who set their own headquarter on fire?

The Nazis put fire on the German Parliament, to blame it on the Communists. So the Communist and Social Democratic parties in Germany could be banned, branded as “terrorists” and foreign supported “enemies of Germany”. 

Keep this in mind. Lets wait and watch.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Islamic police let the Muslims headquarter be set on fire in Cairo

  1. Ivar, I have not received any posts for a while..perhaps it’s on this end..I hope it’s not on that end (by choice to remove me smile)…You have me email and I don’t have godsfingers info either so it’s probably on my end…please feel free to contact me ..I have not removed any name from my email address. I look forward to the communication again…if Jesus Name..Thanks God Bless †

  2. I totally agree with you that this could be a Hitlerian tactic, called a false flag operation in military jargon, but then it would be fair to admit that 9/11 was a US-sponsored false flag operation and not an Islamic one.

    I am a Christian, but I want to be objective and recognize that yes, Islamic fundamentalism is a real threat, but also that in certain situations such as 9/11, it was not the real culprit. Also, we need to see the US regime as a threat to Christianity as well, because, why is it supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (see Robert Dreyfuss’s “Devil’s Game”) and Islamic fundamentalism?

    Here is a recent story of US-sponsored Islamic terrorists beheading Christians in Syria:

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