Obama and Islam in need of “peace talks” before September

US secretary of state wants Obama to get some fresh credit before the UN General Assembly resumes its debate over the Middle East in September.

John Kerry accept Islamic "peace plans" with open arms. Here in Kuwait.
John Kerry has been told by his boss s to accept Islamic “peace plans” with open arms. Here in Kuwait.

John Kerry said Wednesday in Kuwait that progress toward a Middle East peace agreement needed to be made before the UN General Assembly resumes its debate over the Middle East in September.

Kerry stressed that he was not setting a firm deadline for resuming peace talks, but said,

  “Long before September we need to be showing some kind of progress in some way.”

Gold disagree

“Almost everybody who’s been professionally involved in the peace process does not believe that a permanent status agreement is possible at this time,” cautioned Dore Gold, a former Israeli negotiator and aide to Netanyahu who is now president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

“What is needed is a new paradigm in order to make this work, but there’s no indication that any new ideas are surfacing.”

Source: New York Times

My comment:

We all understand that Barack Hussein Obama desire to get some credit as “peace maker” when he is going to address the UN.

The US will be seated with Ambassadors for Islamic dictatorship around the Middle East and in Asia, some of them solid buyers of US Treasury bonds.  They all expept to get something back from their brother is arms, to see the possible destruction of Israel at hand.

For all reflecting and honest people, there is a question mark:

How can Israel negotiate about anything, with bandits and terror organizations that do not even accept that the Jewish state exist?

How many Muslim nations permit’s Israeli civil airliners to, even fly over their air space?

Because racism against Jews, Israel is even banned from joining the Asian football cup’s, and must play with European nations.  Thank God of the Bible that there are still civilized people around.

Till the day the Arabs accept defeat in Israel’s war of independence of 1948, there seems to be little to talk about.  Forget about agreeing on anything.

Under pressure from the International community, that can not discern right from wrong, Israel needs to keep playing the present political theater. Netanyahu and his cabinet needs to pretend that there is some Arabs, that really are willing to accept a Jewish statehood. And keep on searching for them.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Obama and Islam in need of “peace talks” before September

  1. It seems to me that the Western alliance is running round like a bunch of headless chickens. They have spent the last 22+ years stumbling from one botch-up to another in the ME, and what they have created is exactly the opposite of the democratic free states they said they wanted to see come out of the mess.

    Instead, what we have is the King of the South alliance (Sunni) and King of the North Alliance (Shiite) doing battle as if they were trying to repeat Daniel’s prophecy, like some remake of an old movie.

    Does the West learn from their mistakes? Do they now realize there are no ‘partners for peace’ among the Arab leaders? Nope! Now they decide to ratchet up the pressure on Israel to drop it’s guard, and allow those wolves to get within biting range of their throat too.

    And among all this, the saddest thing I see, is that there are many Jews who actually believe it is possible to make a peace deal with that pack. They think they can buy a deal with land. Their humanity doesn’t allow them to hate Arabs and Muslims simply because they are Arabs and Muslims. And that same thought process seems to make it impossible for them to see that these people actually hate them simply because they are Jews.

    Remember the scorpion and the frog folks !


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