Kerry warns of Snowden consequences for Russia and China

It would be “disappointing” if Russia and China had helped US fugitive Edward Snowden evade US attempts to extradite him from Hong Kong.

John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama have lost the magic, both Russia and China disobeying Washington.
John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama have lost the magic, both Russia and China disobeying Washington.

Speaking during a visit to India, Mr Kerry said there would inevitably be “consequences” to such a move. Mr Snowden flew out of Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday, and further into safety somewhere.

He was expected to have flown on to Cuba, but Ecuador’s foreign minister has since implied he remains in Russia.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

I agree it must be disappointing for the rulers in the USA, to see a whistleblower being supported by China and Russia.

The most embarrassing, is that not even cold totalitarian dictatorships can be trusted any more. The US has a long history of ruling by letting the CIA sending hefty suitcases filled with dollars.

Opponents to the orders of the White House have not been hanged in public like in Beijing. They have just gone missing, or have been brought to silence by a well paid dictator. The CIA has its ways.

Today, the US magic is gone. There is simply less cash left in Washington.  The US is no longer attractive as a “cash-for-peace” partner.

It is also embarrassing to see that even China, might now be less totalitarian than the Obama-ran America. The US Government has during the last couple of years, crippled the largest free press agency in the World, the Associated Press. (AP), and tried to close down the conservative tea-party movement.

The Obamaite’s have tapped every mobile phone conversation, let robotic software analyze every minute of Skype-communication, and even forced companies like Yahoo, Google and Facebook to give a full record of their customers emails.

The betrayal of the US Constitution, freedom of expression and human rights are massive.  It might already have reached catastrophic levels in Washington. The carnage started the day Barack Hussein Obama took office.

Are you able to see this?

Do you understand who Obama is?

John Carry and Vice President Joe Biden are both subjects of the Papacy.

Do you trust the US Supreme Court to do something about this, a puppet council, with a majority of Roman Catholics?

Jesus the Messiah is soon going to return, and bring judgment on all the deception going on.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

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