The CIA and US special operational troops and have been secretly training Syrian rebels at bases in Jordan and Turkey since November 2012.

The US war machine has turned around. No longer fighting a war on Islam, but a war for Islam.
Obama has turned the US war machine around. No longer fighting a war on Islam, but a war for Islam, to honor “allah”.

Up to 100 from all over Syria have gone through courses in the last month alone, according to US media reports.

At the two-week courses trainees are taught to use Russian-designed 14.5-millimeter anti-tank rifles, anti-tank missiles, as well as 23-millimeter anti-aircraft weapons, Los Angeles Times reported citing anonymous US officials and rebel commanders.

One of such US covert training session, conducted by American, Jordanian and French, has allegedly been taking place in Jordan for the last month or so, the newspaper cited Brig. Gen. Yahya Bittar, the head of intelligence for the Free Syrian Army.

The Syrian insurgent are awaiting the US shipment. “We believe that the United States will implement its commitments to us very soon,” Al Mikdad said on Friday.

Speaking at the Russian economic forum on Friday, President Vladimir Putin has once again said that the West should not arm the rebels because they include “terrorist” groups.

“If the United States … recognizes one of the key Syrian opposition organizations, al-Nusra, as terrorist … how can one deliver arms to those opposition members?” Putin said, adding “where will (those weapons) end up? What role will they play?”

Source: Russian TV and Los Angeles Times

My comment:

All who hail Barack Hussein Obama as the “man of peace”, are deceivers of the flock. They walk in the face of the Earth as slave of sins, and do the work of the devil. Even Christians who hail Obama do the devils work in the name of “Jesus”.

Without the spirit of God reigning in your heart, you are lost, and you understand nothing. The spiritual realities are blurred. Many false Christians knows knowing. They even reject that there is a Heaven to win, and a Hell to escape.

That Washington have trained the “rebells” in Syria display the USA as run by totalitarian forces. The Hussein in the White House, support the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO, the Islamic Jihad, and even al-Qaida. Weapons gifted by the CIA and Pentagon are given to blood thirsty mass murderers, who kill for “allah”.

Vladimir Putin is him self a man who believe in totalitarian rule. But Putin have smelled the rat in the Obamites, who work with Muslims fighting Jihad.  This global rainbow alliance will face God of the Bible, just over the border to Israel. The fields of Armageddon are waiting for all who mock God, and who shed innocent blood.

Please open your Bible. Understand that it is Jesus the Messiah who will judge all nations, and separate the goats and the sheep. All who have rejected His plan for saving mankind from their sins, will face stern judgment. The Messiah will return to Jerusalem, and set up His throne of Judgement. All men will be judged according to the Bible. Either they have opened a Bible or not.

You better understand what I am trying to tell you. This is a matter for life and death. No man can escape the coming judgment. There is only one way. Get down on your knees, and beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy.  He is able to save sinners, who are willing to repent. Amen.

Written by Ivar