Feiglin: No one has harmed Israel more than Shimon Peres

Feiglin, who led demonstrations against Peres during the Oslo diplomatic process in the 1990s, said the party was the last event he would go to.

Free masons and royals care for parties and they give each other medals of honor.
Free masons and royals care for parties and they give each other medals of honor.

He said he and thousands of other Israelis could never forgive Peres for the diplomatic concessions that resulted in hundreds of deaths.

“There is no man who harmed the country more than Shimon Peres,” Feiglin said. “The existence of the country in its land is being questioned in the West because of the Oslo process Peres symbolizes. Negotiations begin with an incorrect assumption that there is a Palestinian people with a right to a state, while the Palestinians deny our right to a Jewish state, and the world takes their side.”

MK Feiglin defend Zionism.
MK Feiglin defend Zionism.

Bayit Yehudi MK Orit Struck complained on Facebook that rockets were being fired from the Gaza Strip on a day that the world was honoring Peres, who she recalled had promised that “Katyusha rockets would not be fired from Gaza to Ashkelon.”

President Shimon Peres faced sharp criticism on Wednesday for the star-studded birthday party thrown in honor of his 90th birthday party.

Knesset members on the Right called the 11 million shekel event a waste of money, even though it was funded by contributions and not taxpayers.

“The event that we saw yesterday was pompous, wasteful, and pretentious,” said MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud).

“Woe to the country that cuts child welfare payments in the Knesset at the same time that its president holds a birthday celebration that costs millions. If it was funded by donations, Peres should have solicit contributions for the kids instead.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

All royals and free masons could care less about the people of the land. Either they starve or live in riches, either they live or die.

It is sad that Israeli president Shimon Perses has not been willing to repent from the sins of the past. In his old age, he reminds me more and more about Jimmy Carter.  A man who started his political career as a liberal, but ender up in the camp who support Islamic lies.

The so-called “Oslo peace process” became nothing but a betrayal of Zionism and Jews right to live in Judea and Samaria. The Jews who supported this falsehood, seems to have learned less or nothing.

Now its time time scrap this evil plan, who was made in a bid to erase the 1967 war victory and liberation of Jerusalem. I hope and pray Shimon Peres is willing to repent, embrace the Messiah before He departs into eternity.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Feiglin: No one has harmed Israel more than Shimon Peres

  1. Feiglin is absolutely right. Interestingly enough the name «Peres» also means «division» or «breach». It was the name of Judah’s first son by Tamar. It signifies among other «violence». It also signifies a «broken wall», where the enemies of Israel may rush through. It is also related to the Aramaic word «Peras» which was written on the wall, and interpreted by Daniel, «divided»
    Combined with his first name, Shimon which is based on the word for «hearing» the deeper meaning of his name can be:

    1. [He who listens to this man] accepts division.
    2. Rumors of division.

    Shimon Peres is a liar and a son of liars, a proven and valid fact through decades.

  2. He threw Pollard into the trash can, then he decided that a MEDAL-yeah that’s right a medal-is more important than Jonathan Pollard, a man who is actually honorable and has actually SACRIFICED for Israel,I bet Peres never did THAT!

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