Netanyahu demand arms free “Palestine” state

The Prime Minister of Israel feel the “Palestinians” can have a state, if the PLO turn in all their weapons.

Netanyahu demand that the PLO must turn in their fire arms, to save the IDF from trouble.
Netanyahu demand that the PLO must turn in their fire arms, to save the IDF from trouble.

I will seek a demilitarized Palestinian state, says Netanyahu. Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett’s remarks that the two-state solution has reached a “dead end” prompts angry responses from both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli coalition • PA official: Bennett’s comments are “dangerous.”

One day after Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett declared that the notion of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had reached a “dead end”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a response to the controversial statement on Monday, saying, “Foreign policy is shaped by the prime minister, and my view is clear.”

“I will seek a negotiated settlement [with the Palestinians] where you would have a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state,” Netanyahu told Reuters when asked about Bennett’s remarks.

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

There has hardly been any state on the face of the Earth, that has not have a armed defense force. Therefor is Benjanin Netanyahu’s “Palestine” the ultimate utopia.

The problem Netanyahu face, is that the day he in principle  accepted a new state called “Palestine”, he has surrendered to the lies of Islam.  Netahyahu will be pushed around, told to set acceptable conditions for the formation of such a state.

Netanyahu can not demand that the Arabs shall not be permitted to carry arms. Because the PLO already have been armed by the USA, armed men called the “Dayton forces”.  Since the US Government has accepted that the PLO is armed, the rest of the world will follow suit, The Israeli Government will only be able to limit the number of firearms, and the strength of the firepower.

Just like in the arms free zone of Rhinland. Do your remember this fatal mistake?

Benjamin Netanyahu need to repent, and say sorry to Jewish setters. That will be pleasing to God of Israel and His Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar  

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