Bennet: – Israel must scrap “plan for Palestine state”

Naftali Bennett calls Israel to annex Area C, and urges Jerusalem to invest in improving “West Bank” infrastructure.

Naftali Bennet challenge Benjanin Netanyahu to make Samaria a proper part of Israel.
Naftali Bennet challenge Benjanin Netanyahu to make Samaria a proper part of Israel.

The idea that a Palestinian state will be created in Israel has come to a dead end, Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday at a Yesha Council conference on Public Relations in Jerusalem.

“Never have so many people invested so much energy in something that is hopeless,” he said, adding that “the challenge now is how do we move forward from here, knowing that a Palestinian state within Israel is not possible.”
In response to Bennett’s comments, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israel of not being serious about peace, saying that “Israel has officially declared death of two-state solution.”

Erekat added that efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry to restart the peace process are a mere obstacle to Israel’s plans to consolidate its occupation and negate Palestinian rights.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The worst curse Israel have received in modern times, is linked to the so called Oslo-accord. It was branded a “peace process”, but is a war process.

Helped by the Government of Norway, the Islamic forces became able to build a neo-Nazi base just 15 kilometers north of Jerusalem.  Now, its time to reassemble this cancer.

For the true Zionist Jews living in Judea and Samaria, the Oslo accord became a huge security threat. The very idea of a “Jew free zone” on the mountains of Zion, was born.  Jewish setters were cut of from mainland Israel, living with the continuation of “temporary military ordinance”.

Bennet wants to give the Jews in Samaria the came citizen rights as the Jews living in Haifa or Tel Aviv. The laws of Israel must be enforced also in the settlements.

Do not support the enemies of God of Israel, and His Messiah Jesus of Nazareth. Stand up for the Jews in Judea and Samaria’s right to live on the land God gifted them. Amen.

Written by Ivar  

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