The Vatican is the biggest collector of bones and skulls

The Vatican claim they have  found the bones of the Apostle Paul. The bones were gifted to the Orthodox Church.

An Ortodox Christian lady looks at some interesting bones inside a relic box inside a Church.

Jesus the Messiah was not a bone collector. Neither is there any verse in the Bibles that tells His faithful followers to collect bones, declare them ‘Holy”, and put them on display to be adored, touched, prayed to, or venerated.

On a website of an Orthodox Christian Church, I found an amazing picture, and some news about a gift the Pontiff in Rome had given this Church in the US.

Lets take a deeper look into this message:

“These relics (small pieces of bone were obtained from the Vatican and gifted in 1984 to the St. Photios National Shrine by the Three Hierarchs Church in Brooklyn, NY. Documents of Authenticity were provided by the Vatican.

The Reliquary was gifted to the Shrine by Archbishop Lakovos. Each silver container in the Reliquary contains a relic of one of the following saints”:

Lets take a look at the list of the people whose bones have been collected in this box, and put for public display. Please also pay attention to the dates approved by the Pontiff of feasts Catholics are called to honor these relics.

St. Paul – 1st Century – Feastday, June 29

St. Peter – 1st Century – Feastday, June 29

St. Titus – 1st Century – Feastday, August 25

St. Haralambos – 2nd Century – Feastday, February 10

St. Anthony the Great – 3rd Century – Feastday, January 17

St. Ambros – 4th Century – Feastday, December 7

St. Athanasios the Great – 4th Century – Feastday, May 2

St. Basil the Great – 4th Century – Feastday, January 1

St. Constantine – 4th Century – Feastday, May 21

St. Cyril of  Jerusalem – 4th Century – Feastday, March 18

St. Gregory of Nazianzos – 4th Century – Feastday, January 25

St. Gregory of Nyssa – 4th Century – Feastday, December 7

St. Helena – 4th Century – Feastday, May 21

St. John the Chrysostom – 4th Century – Feastday, January 27

St. Nicholas of  Myra (Santa Claus)- 4th Century – Feastday, December 6

St. Cyril of Alexandria – 5th Century – Feastday, June 9

St. Sabbas – 5th Century – Feastday, December 5

St. John of  Damascus – 5th Century – Feastday, December 4

You might wish to take a look at the source of this information. Here it is.

For a Roman Catholic or an Orthodox Christan, it is possible to have a feast every day. Because the list of such “holy items” and relics are almost endless.

There are multiple sites you can visit to look at bones and skulls. This is a picture of a collection of “Holy skulls” in the crypt of a Orthodox Catholic cloister on the Greek island of Andros. Please take a look at this picture:

The skulls of many holy men ended up in this cupboard.

Lets read the explanation:

” As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail, they have no idea whose relics these are (and indeed there are thousands of bones in the crypt and perhaps others of Saints yet to be revealed), but the men that were there have been praying for the Saint to reveal himself to someone in a dream or vision so that we may find out who it is” .

The source of pictures and information, can be cross checked on this site.

The author of this site quotes from official sources:

Account of a Miracle at the Monastery of the Panagia Panachrandos on the Island of Andros, as Related to Me by Eye-Witness Martha Zisimou.

All readers must admit that this is an amazing collection of bones and skulls.  And if you ever find the need to go and take a look at these skulls, this is the picture of the “Holy building” where they are located.

A collection center of holy skulls and bones on a Greek Island.

There is obviously a problem related to these collections. How can we get a trustworthy verification of the origin of such bones and skulls?

The grave diggers must have had problems even a few hundred years ago, to identify the correct skeletons. There was no DNA-test available. And since there was no blood samples to be found in any blood bank in ancient times, a DNA-test would not be of much help either.

The Vatican sometimes starts the beautification process for sainthood hundred of years after the concerned person had passed way.

A good example of a skull that passed this process of beautification, is the one claimed to be of Saint Wenceslas. This is an interesting picture of the skull of the saint.

This skull in Pragh is of a man that made it through the beutification process done by the Vatican.

When the present 82 year old Pope came to Saint Wenceslas Basilica in Stara Bolesav, just outside Prague, the skull was properly dressed up.

I have no idea if the family of this diseased Catholic had any objection. I do not know if the Vatican ever was able to trace them, to ask for permission for this picture to be taken.

By the way. A Prague newspaper had reported that the Pope bowed down before this skull.  Others said he only “adored” the skull.

Her is a link to a reliable American media who reported from this event.

The collection of “Holy bones” anyhow raises a lot of interesting questions.

What if some of these bones are not from the diseased person. Would the Vatican still be able to make them “Holy”?

I guess the miraculous powers of these bones will be a source for deception, if the bones are from a different person, who might not have been so “holy”?

From Moses experience in Egypt, we learned that even Satan has miraculous powers.

And by the way:

Jesus called those who demand miracles and wonders to believe in Him, for a wicked and adulterous generation. I am pretty sure, you will not be able to find many better examples than mentioned in this report.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “The Vatican is the biggest collector of bones and skulls

  1. you guys are sooooo stupid. significance is applied, thus, magic remains a myth. idolatry is concerned with the item, while veneration concerns itself with the memory of a personality.

      1. tiva82

        * Elijah’s mantle
        * Peter’s shadow
        * Paul’s handkerchief
        These can do miracles?
        But Jesus alone is God and by His blood alone is salvation. Most of them are aware of it.

      2. I do! 2 Kings 13:21 says:
        And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet.

      3. Dear Kyle.


        You wrote:

        2 Kings 13:21 says:
        And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet.

        My comment:

        There were no one who looted this grave. Carried the skeleton with them, cut it into pieces, and started to mint money on the boney remains. There were no on who took the skull with them home, and placed in a synagogue. No on who kept the skull for adoration and veneration.

        For the Jews, adoration of created things is lawlessness that leads to death. It is obvious why come Roman Catholic priests become raving mad, and rape altar boys and sexual abuse other priests. They are grave looters, and collectors of corpses, bones, skeletons and skulls.

        Stay away from such filth and perversion.

        Jesus the Messiah was not a bone collector. He died for your sins, and took your place on the cross. Surrender to Him, and He will save you. Amen.

    1. Lucas,

      Bow to Jesus alone. Worship Jesus Alone. Pray to Jesus alone. Talk to Jesus Alone. Venerate Jesus alone.

      As soon as you start talking to anyone else from your heart, you have placed Jesus to the side. A man cannot have two masters.

      Calling people stupid is not a good fruit.


    2. Dear Br. Lucas Adams
      I greet you in the Name of our Precious Lord Jesus Christ. I found that to be associated with the Lord Jesus Christ is something so precious and very special just bcoz he made us so special. He gave us the greatest Commandment to love one another and then Jesus said”by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, IF ye have love one to another”(John13:34-35), should you read this you will realise that when Jesus was giving this commandment to his disciples there was one who was missing and no one knew his whereabout therefore he did not hear what the others were told,he missed out the great thing. Now brother I would like to urge you not to use derogative words, I am sorry that you used a word”stupid” when you talk to a Christian believer especially you also are a Christain. Love is corrective.

      My comment: In my opinion collection of bones, venerating them in anyway has no significance in worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. It does not work, its purely an idolatory, no matter how many times you mention the Name of the Lord while looking to those bones, so you have to stop it right now. We look only unto Jesus Christ alone coz its only him who payed our debt that we couldnt pay. May the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ be in you until he Comes again.

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