Blair wants to arm al-Qaeda and islamic Jihad in Syria

Mideast envoy tells ‘Times’ we must take “more interventionist line” in Syria; says Iran biggest destabilizing force in region.

Tony Blair wants to remove Basher Al-assad, to make the destruction of Israel easier for Islamic forces.
Tony Blair wants to remove Basher al-Assad, to make the destruction of Israel a possibility for Islamic forces.

There are those amongst the Syrian rebels who want a pluralistic society and democracy coming out of all of this, and they are the “one group of people who are not being armed,” Middle East envoy Tony Blair said on Saturday.

Speaking the day after US President Barack Obama decided to directly arm the rebels, the former British prime minister told The Times of London that Britain should, in his view, help the Americans to arm the Syrian rebels.

You don’t have to send in troops, but the international community should think about installing no-fly zones. You’ve got to create the circumstances in which Assad is not able to change the balance of power within the struggle by the use of outside forces,” Blair told the Times.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Tony Blair is not exactly a reliable source on the “democratic desires” of the “rebels in Syria. He lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and have the blood of 100.000 Iraqi’s on his hands.

In regards to the democratic nature of the rebel forces he has found in Syria, we need to ask Blair some questions:

1. Could it be Hizb”Allah Blair is so fascinated about? This organization works for the destruction of Israel, and is funded by the Ayatollah regime in Iran.

2. Could it be al-Qaeda the former Prime Minister to United Kingdom wants to give fresh loads of weapons?

3. Islamic Jihad has always worked for Sharia Laws to be enforced in United Kingdom. Could it be this organization who is a suitable “peace partner” for Mr. Blair?

Tony Blair might be the highest illuminate of the free masonic World. He is a Papal knight, and work for the Word dominance of the Roman Catholic Pontiff.

Do be able to rally all “good people” behind the Papacy, men like Blair is instructed to create chaos. Because only out of gobble panic and chaos, will arise the demand for the “man of peace”.

The last and final man of lawlessness, will bring all nations to the slaughterhouse. They will be drawn into Syria, and eventually over the Golan Heights and into the fields of Armageddon in northern Israel.  There they will face an iron fist, and the wrath of God of Israel.

To all who trust Tony Blair. This man is a deceiver of the flock, and man destined for the eternal fire of Hell. His only chance to escape the final judgment, is to repent and beg for mercy. Jesus the Messiah is able to save all who are willing to accept His Kingship. Amen.

You can say a lot about a secular dictator like Basher al-Assad. Once a friend of Tony Blair, but no a foe. Simply because Assad understand the devilish nature of Islam, and its desire to fight an all out war to get rid of Israel.

Assad has kept a cold peace on the Golan since 1973. The Islamic forces and Tony Blair can no longer tolerate such a ruler in Damascus.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Blair wants to arm al-Qaeda and islamic Jihad in Syria

  1. Amen Ivar!!! Could the antichrist be ready to pick his man that Satan will completely control and who will set himself up to be worshiped in the temple and claim to be God? Mt. 24:15, Daniel 9-11. Are we not already a one world government? Is not Russia getting ready to invade Israel Ezekiel 38&39? Is not Damascus close to becoming a ruinous heap-Isaiah 17. And also Psalm 83 where Israel’s enemies make a tumult and they that hate her will lift up the head and are taking crafty counsel against God’s people. We live in turbulent times. Bless you Ivar, I love your posts.

    1. Dear Nanette.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me.

      I feel Tony Blair is an interesting figure. He has surely made Satan his Lord and Father. Since the EU, USA, Russia and China has made this man their “chief peace maker”, Blair is in the perfect seat, where he can pave the way for the last and final antichrist.

    1. Dear Israel and Endetiden


      Thanks for blessing me.

      It is easy to over-focus on Russia. We must not forget that ALL nations shall attack Israel. Also the EU and the USA. The Russian presence in Syria is now stalling the advance of Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda. Obama wants the Russians to change side, and support Islam.

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