Lie # 2: Had Israel withdrawn to its June 1967 borders, peace would have come long ago.

Since 1967, Israel repeatedly has conceded «land for peace».

Following Egyptian President Sadat’s historic 1977 visit to Jerusalem, Israel withdrew from the vast Sinai Peninsula and has been at peace with Egypt ever since.

But the Palestinian Authority has never fulfilled its promise to end propaganda attacks nor drop the Palestinian National Charter’s call for Israel’s destruction. In 2000, Prime Minister Barak offered Yasser Arafat full sovereignty more than 97 percent of the West Bank, a corridor to Gaza, and a capital in the Arab section of Jerusalem. Arafat said no.

Source. Simon Wiesenthal Center

My comment:

Tuesday wake up call

If the borders of 1967 could have given Israel and the Middle East East peace, there would never have been a Pan-Arabic 1967 war against Israel.

The PLO was formed in 1964, three years before the massive Pan-Arabic attack on Israel.

The PLO-motivation was not to establish the 1967-borders, but to get rid of the Jewish state. Because in 1964 Jordan, Syria and Egypt controlled Gaza, Golan and the so-called West bank. When these Arab state controlled what they today wants back for a peace-deal, they did not recognize any Jewish state to exist.

There can be no peace without a Pan Arabic recognition of the state of Israel, prior to any kind of peace negotiations. Such peace «talks» will alway be based on lies and cheating against the Jewish people.

One thought on “Lie # 2: Had Israel withdrawn to its June 1967 borders, peace would have come long ago.

  1. Some people cannot handle the fact that Jews live in large numbers, i.e. more than 6 million, at this time in the Holy Land. These same people would like Jews to just disappear. This is not going to happen ! The State of Israel really is tiny but mighty.

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