Norway dropp all charges against 11 police officers who worked as agents for Washington.

The Norwegian Prime Minister lead a corrupt regime, together with Minister of Justice Grete Faremo.
The Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg lead a corrupt regime, together with Minister of Justice Grete Faremo.

The 11 former police officers in Norway, earned two million USA dollars in “black money” spying for the US Embassy in Oslo.

The corrupt Norwegian police officers gathered information for the US Security Incident Management and Analysis System (SIMAS).

The Norwegian government has not raised any charges against the police officers.  The money they earned as agents for a foreign entry has not been confiscated.

The Norwegian Tax Authority has decided to demand a 30 per cent penalty tax on their salaries.

Source: Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

My comment:

It is a complete disgrace that these corrupt police officers have not been put for trial and imprisoned.

This is yet another proof of the high level of corruption in the present government of Norway.

I have earlier stated that this left-central government is the most corrupt government since Norway was invaded by Germany in April 1940.

Also in 1940, the Norwegian government laid the nation open for foreign invaders. Germany did not believe in Norway’s neutrality, permitting british naval ships to operate in Norwegian waters.

The British commando raid on the German ship Altmark on 14th of. Februar 1940 gave the Germans the final reason to occupy Norway.

When Norway permit its police officers to be corrupt, the Government participate in their corruption. Making the tax Authority share this “blood money”, and use it to pay for social service to the Norwegians. Not rebuking their own government, all Norwegians participate in this evil.

This is the state of the Post-Christian kingdom of Norway.

Norway is one of the few nations in modern history, who removed Evangelical Christianity from its constitution.

The Norwegians accept that their government is the largest sponsor of Islamic terrorism against Israel. They accept gay priests. Norway has permitted men who live in sodomy to adopt and pervert children.

I could go on.

Its horrible. May God’s coming judgement be stern with this pagan nation.  May there also be Norwegians who repent, obey Jesus the Messiah, and be found in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Written by Ivar