More neo-Nazi inspired cartoons in Norway

Israel is portrayed in Norwegian media as a dictatorship during the European Football Championship.

This cartoon could easily be approved by Nazi-minister Joseph Goebbels.
This cartoon in BT could easily have been approved by Nazi-minister Joseph Goebbels.

This Islamic inspired cartoon was published in the Norwegian regional daily “Bergens Tidende“, or “BT”.

A few weeks back, the tabloid Dagbladet published a cartoon worthy of being published in Nazi-Germany.

Norway was a puppet regime under Nazi-Germany, and many Norwegians rallied behind their Nazi-leader Quisling.  It looks like the dogs are returning to its own vomit.

Jew-hate has always exposed wickedness and hypocrisy.

Norway have no problems investing in Islamic Iran and totalitarian China, neglecting the execution of gays in Saudi Arabia. No regrets for the World Cup in Football in Qatar. The Russian war in Chechnya will never lead Norway to suggest a boycott of Russian products.

Shame on the hypocrites. May they get the judgment they deserve, the day Jesus the Messiah returns.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “More neo-Nazi inspired cartoons in Norway

  1. Just a tiny add-on. The homosexuals that are executed in Muslim countries are only a very small minority of the homosexuals at large in the Muslim community, even a very small percentage of the openly effeminate homosexuals as such. Being a masculine, “strong” homosexual is considered positive in Islam, and these are using and abusing young boys _en masse_ in not only Saudi-Arabia, but in Iraq and Afghanistan especially. Check out facts about «Bacha bazi» to know more.
    Islam is not as anti-homosexual as the world likes to believe. Neither was the nazi regimes.

    1. Dear Lars-Toralf.


      You “tiny add-on” is again leading us into a debate on something else than the concern topic.

      You do you take this “anti-debate” approach to others?

      Why do you always want to debate your extremely sectarian views on Homosexuality?

      1. Because the Word of God says that Homosexuality is WRONG! A crime against other human beings, and historically a part of erroneous belief systems, like Babylon, Egypt, Greece, The Roman Catholic Church, etc. etc. etc.

        If you want to call this kind of criticism sectarian, Ivar, you should reconsider.

        BTW: You stated: «neglecting the execution of gays in Saudi Arabia», so you opened the door.

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