74 per cent of Israelis rebuke Obama and Islamists

Israelis do not believe in Obama and Kerry’s “peace plan”. 74 per cent say they reject the idea of a “Palestinian capital” in any portion of Jerusalem.

The large majority of Jews have been able to discern Barack Hussein Obama.
The large majority of Jews have been able to discern Barack Hussein Obama.

On 46th anniversary of Six Day War, majority of secular Israelis favor two-state solution, while most religious Israelis oppose it.

Forty-six years after the Six Day War physically united Jerusalem under Jewish rule, 72 percent of Israeli Jews believe the city is functionally divided between Jews and Arabs, according to a Jerusalem Post poll.

However, 74 per cent say they reject the idea of a Palestinian capital in any portion of Jerusalem, with the implication being that they prefer a united Jerusalem. Only 15% say they would support a divided plan for the city, whereby Israel would relinquish sovereignty over some eastern portions of the city to allow for a Palestinian capital there.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is interesting that only 15 per cent of Israelis support to set up a Berlin style wall in Jerusalem, and force the Eastern part of the city back under Israeli occupation.

15 percent, is less than the 20 per cent Muslims that lives inside Israel, the Israeli Arabs. Since there is a lot of leftist Israeli Jews who support the Islamic demand, there seems to be better discernment among many Muslims that among apostate Jews.

 1 Kings 11:36

I will give one tribe to his son so that David my servant may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city where I chose to put my Name.

Just yesterday, I felt the Holy Spirt telling me that the true Ishmael’ites already live inside Israel. They support the Zionist state, where the family of Isaac is in majority.

The true Ishmael’ites have not been deceived by the followers of Muhammad, to attack their own cousin’s.

They have seen the true face of Satan, in the Jihad warriors who cripple and kill for “allah”.  A true Ishmael will never call him self “A Palestinian”, but correctly and Arab. An peaceful Arab who live inside Israel, with full citizenship.

An Arab who recognize the state of Israel’s right to exist, and who have joined the Jews in rebuilding their ancient homeland.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “74 per cent of Israelis rebuke Obama and Islamists

  1. GEN 12:3 “WHAT YOU DO TO iSRAEL I WILL DO TO YOU”, so the USA keep tryying to divide Jerusalem, government/people never learn:

    1999- tornados at middle of USA (you try to divide Jerusalem, I WILL divide you- SAYS the LORD”

    9/11 “Powell- Scy of state was to deliver a speech on the UN on 18 to divide Jerusalem

    on the last month- Kerry working to divide Jerusalem= tornados in the middle of the USA

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