Why would a Christian search in Mosques in the Middle East for spiritual support?

Listening to a sermon of the Mufti, Prime Minster Edrogan of Turkey and the fresh President of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama. Blue Mosque in Istanbul on April 7, 2009.

Be aware that these pictures in this article seems to have nothing to do with the security crisis in the Middle East. But only from a perspective in a human mind, who do not believe in the Spiritual war that is going on.

Islam does not acknowledge that there is a Jewish homeland in the Middle East.

If US President Barack Hussein Obama is a “friend of Israel”, what is he doing touring Mosques in Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to hunt for both spiritual wisdom and political support?

Obama spent his first weeks of Presidency visiting Mosques in Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The turn of event in Turkey, points to a radicalization of a NATO-member, and a turn towards the Islamic revolution of Iran.

When Obama was in Turkey in April 2007, He did tell the Turkish people about “the great religion of Islam”.

He did not mention that their forefathers in the Ottoman Empire committed a horrible crime in the name of “Allah” as late as 1915.  That was the Armenian genocide, where between one million and 1,5 million people were slaughtered by Muslims.

Neither did Obama mention the human right abuses against the Kurdish minority in Eastern Turkey. Tens of thousands of refugees has been displaced, and do need a right of return to their homes.

Please take your shoes off. Because this place is Holy, the Mufti tells Edrogan and Obama.

The Turkish occupation of the Northern part of Cyprus was not on the agenda, when Obama searched for political support in Ankara.

36 years has passed since that illegal occupation started.

That Turkey has forced the United Nation to build a segregation wall through the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, seems to have been blotted out of any discussion between Obama and the Turkish political and religions establishment.

What about the visit to Egypt?

Obama must have heard about the Yom Kippur war in 1973, when Egypt lead a Pan-Arabic military force in a bid to destroy the state of Israel.

Egypt lost the war. Still the accused “colonial, racist apartheid” state of Israel returned the Sinai desert.

What about Obama”s visit to Saudi Arabia?

Could it be, that Obama has forgotten that people in the Islamic Kingdom get their hands cut off, if they have stolen or cheated someone?

I guess the troublesome Sharia Law, is a part of Obama”s “great religion” of his father, and his step father?

That ladies can not drive cars in Saudi Arabia, or be member’s of Parliament, does not seems to be of any concern for the US President.

That the Saudis have no free access to web-sites like Face Book or You tube is not a topic that Obama would like to confront the Saudi leadership.

The fact that its illegal to carry a Bible inside Saudi Arabia, and that Jews are not allowed to get Visa’s to the Islamic Kingdom, can only be looked up on a reasonable good Islamic policies.

Mosaic of Obama in the city of Jakarta, in the Islamic nation of Indonesia,. This photo is taken on 25th of October 2008.

Still, some people do not get it.

Obama feels also “Allah the great”.