SUM: Serious Young Men

When I am down, i turn on the music from SUM. Quickly I start to cry, and get back my focus.

Support these serious students of Jesus.

SUM is a quartet from southern Norway, who sing for Jesus in English.

When I heard their music, some of their songs went right up too my private Top 10.

“I stand redeemed” explains the joy of being saved, by the blood of the Lamb of God. SUM shares their joy with us.  All children of the “Great I am” can stand in front of Him spotless.

Please support these men. If you are planning a conference, invite them to sing. You can buy their music on ITunes, or order their CD-s directly from them.

Their album “Go and Tell” is worth every penny Please listen to this beat:. 03 I Stand Redeemed

Visit their Facebook page, to get more information.

Visit them on Facebook

Or send them an email: e-mail:

Written av Ivar

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