Pope Benedict XVI granted a plenary indulgence to those who make a pilgrimage to see and pray before the relic of “St. John Bosco”.

The corpse of Don Bosco is brought into an American Church, to be adored and venerated.

The dead body of Catholic priest John Bosco will this October be on wheels in the US.

It took a lot of trouble to get the deceased body of Don Bosco into the Church.

And the Pope has granted all Catholics a quick release from Purgatory, for all who pray in front of the mummified body of Bosco.

This “plenary indulgence”, the Pope explains, can only be obtained for faithful Catholics who regularly partake in confession, the Eucharist and prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions.

A session of worship, prayer and adoration in front of the mummified Saint.

Lets read the official definition of “plenary indulgence” from the site Catholic.org.

Indulgences are two kinds: partial and plenary. A partial indulgences removes part of the temporal punishment due for sins. A plenary indulgence removes all of it. This punishment may come either in this life, in the form of various sufferings, or in the next life, in purgatory. What we don’t get rid of here we suffer there.

Source for this Papal statement that gives you direct access to Heaven:  CNA.

For Papist in the US, the chance to quickly escape Purgatory will occur already this October. The dead body of a claimed to be Catholic saint will be on display in Churches all over America.

To be adored and venerated. This US Catholic girl just took a picture.
A Papist priest offers inncense to the dead body
A Papist priest offers incense to the dead body
A Catholic rector of a Don Bosco school stand and pray to the dead saint.

Bosco ‘s cross US journey started on September 11th, the memorial day for the Islamic terrorist attack on the US, and will not end before October 9th.

The worship service in Catholic Churches all over America has been propmoted with adds and banners.

Lets see what the Newspaper Palm Beach Post has reported on this ongoing event.

The case has been touched and wept over and prayed to by thousands of the faithful since it started its trek around the world in 2009. At its last stop in St. Petersburg, an estimated 20,000 viewed it in two days.

“There were people waiting until 4 in the morning,” said the Rev. Bruce Craig, a Salesian priest from Tampa, Florida..

He will fly to Washington, D.C, and be replaced by another Salesian priest in the saint’s honor guard. Two trucks with two-man crews have driven the reliquary on all its land-based stops. A videographer accompanying the group is documenting the tour.

The saint that died 122 yeas ago had to be transported into the Church in a “wheeled chair”.
The mummified saint with his “death mask”.

What the crowds in Belle Glade will see is a life-size fiberglass image of the saint. His serene facial expression is authentic, made from his death mask. He wears ornate priestly vestments embellished in gold and lace. Inside the fiberglass effigy and not visible is a sealed metal box containing bones and tissue from his right arm.

Basilica Don Bosco has let the remains of the saint go on a World tour.

John Bosco died in 1888, when there was no Vatican statehood. Pope Pius XI canonized him in 1934. His grave was opened, and his body removed and “beautified”.

My comment:

Who said the younger Catholic Churches in America, does not copy the original Roman Catholic Church in Europe in regards to worship of skulls and bones?

The only difference seems to be limited to age, and the amount of toxic chemicals available today to keep old corpses look fresh. Just like in the Kremlin.

It is amazing enough that Roman Catholic can drag a dead body across the seven seas. That is really wicked.

But the worst part of this, is that the Pope feels he can open the gates of Heaven for all who pray in front of a deceased and mummified Catholic priest and teacher.

The Catholics are also giving this dead body a welcome worthy of a president or a King. Look at the video-link below, and see Catholic nuns behave like excited children on the 4th of July. Even the local US Police gives the van transporting the “saint” escort from the airport. And pay attention to the “poor” nun coming out of the escorting limousine.

Was this limo carrying the Grand Master of the Knights of Columbus?

There is a suitable verse in the Bible for Catholics who adore and venerate dead bodies.

Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

Please understand, that the Pope is the High priest of a dead Messiah, a copy cat, that will take all who call him “Holy Father” down to the eternal fire of Hell.

If you think I am not telling the truth, but ridicule and defame the Roman Catholics, please look at this video and shudder.

First published: October 1st 2010.