Hamsun an example of Norway whitewashing Nazi past

Norway has made 2009 a year of remembrance of the writer Knut Hamsun. In 1943 he gifted his Nobel medal to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief. Hamsun even had an audience with Hitler.

Knut Hamsun bowing before Hitler, from the move with Mark Von sydow
Knut Hamsun bowing before Hitler, from the move with Mark Von Sydow.

This is a time of resurgent of global anti-Semitism, with Europe at the central stage. Now there are conflicting signals from Oslo. In 2009 the Norwegian Government marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Knut Hamsun, Norway’s most significant writer outside of Ibsen. Hamsun was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (in 1920). Plans for a multimillion-dollar commemoration include a museum dedicated to his life and series of events under the patronage of the Royal Family.

Knut Hamsun being greeted by Josef Terboven, the brutal "Reichskommissar" in charge of Norway
Knut Hamsun being greeted by Josef Terboven, the brutal “Reichskommissar” in charge of Norway

But there is one problem: Hamsun’s love affair with Nazism. In 1943, during the height of WWII and the Holocaust, he presented his Nobel medal to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief, and even had an audience with Hitler.

How Hamsun’s behavior is portrayed is an extremely sensitive matter in a nation that produced Quisling and other collaborators, including those who participated in the deportation of Jewish citizens to Auschwitz.

A review of official Norwegian websites shows a virtual whitewashing of Hamsun’s Nazi connection, while glorifying his literary career. The National Library’s website makes absolutely no mention of his Nazi links but does state:

«The aim of promoting Hamsun internationally in 2009 is to raise the profile of his writings, as well as to generate interest in Hamsun in a variety of cultural contexts in different parts of the world. An additional objective is to promote modern Norway as a nation presenting and renewing a significant part of its cultural heritage».

Source: Multiple sources, also Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Its not nice to be reminded about that Nazism was a reality also in Norway. Knut Hamsun was a Nazi, who even wrote a necrology after the death of Hitler, branding him as a great leader.

Knut Hamsun
Knut Hamsun to be honored in Norway

That Norway want to to celebrate the 150 year of his birth, is a shame. A shame because, than they should also celebrate another of the «great» sons of Norway, Vidkun Quisling.

I guess Norway would not do that, since the Norwegian Government executed the Nazi traitor.

The marginal difference between Quisling and Hansun, is that Hamsun never faced  death penalty for his support of Nazi-Germany. In honor of the 60 million people who did not survive manslaughter, Holocaust and execution during Word War II, a man like Hamsun should be allowed to rest in peace. Without any honor and glory.

Israeli Foreign Minister: «Norway promote anti-semitism»

Avigdor Lieberman is the Foreign Minister of Israel. Yesterday he was quoted by the Israeli daily Haartez saying: «The celebration of the 150 year birthday of Knut Hamsun, is a prof that Norway promotes anti semitic attitudes».

First Published: May 26th, 2009.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Hamsun an example of Norway whitewashing Nazi past

  1. He, as with ever so many, was led astray with propaganda and lies about what Germany actually did under WWII. The honour and glory Hamsun gets this year, 150 years since his birth, is NOT dealt because of his naziromance, neither his alledged stupidity or ignorance, but for his remarkable writing-skills. His work as a writer matters the most. If we were to compare Hamsun with other famous historical persons, you can just look up Van Gogh, or Muhammed Ali – and judge them just as blindly as you do. Norway antisemitistic? Isn’t that generalization? Ignorance?

    Oh well.

    1. Dear Hamsun.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Your wrote: Norway antisemitistic? Isn’t that generalization? Ignorance?

      Norway had a Nazi-ruler from 1942 to 1945. His name was Vidkun Quisling. If there had not been proper resistance against Nazi-Germany in nations like England and the US, Norway would still have been a Nazi-country. In my community, the Norwegian police Inspector was a committed Nazi. He was convinced that the Jews was the rats, that Hitler had to take care of.

      Norway rounded up the Jews, and shipped them to Germany and the concentration camps. Not all Norwegians agreed with this, but hardly anyone did anything to stop this crime from happening.

      The ideology of Adolf Hitler was well known to a learned man like Hamsun. Main Kampf, Hitler`s «road map» to peace in Europe was widely circulated among the elite. Still Hamsun visited and honored Joseph Goebbels.

      The ideology of Hamas is well known to the Government of Norway. Still Norway was the first country on planet Earth, to recognize them as a «political movement», and established diplomatic relations with the terrorists, on a sub-secretary of state level. Millions of Norwegian tax payers money have been used for promotion of the anti-Jewish neo-Nazi-lies of Hamas against the state of Israel.

      Have we seen this before?

      There is hardly any Norwegians who have objected to this wicked and evil politics of the Government of Norway. I guess you at best can call it ignorance….And that was what the Norwegians also did during the reign of Quisling.

  2. You scream about anti-semitisme, but Christianity is a religion that is based on jewism. You are screaming out lies after lies. Almost no one did anything. Check out Maximus Manus and Milorg, Check out Sønsteby. Check what our King did and our govermnent. Almost all countries in Europe had a nazi leader. BTW Islam is a semitic religion, as is yours, and most people demonstrate you terror agains Palestine. You are building a wall around Palestine, and what did the nazis do against the jews ? Well, excactly the same ! You have to learn you story right. And BTW, Norway is not anti-semetic, and we do not support the nazisme, most Norwegians were against germans, one of the main reasons is because some years before we finally got freedom from Sweden.. And dont write this shit, my grandfather was 19 years old, and was arrested and tortured by the nazi bastards. He was arrested for helping jews out of Norway, and of 2000 jews in Norway at the time, only around 200 were executed and murderet by the nazis.

    1. Dan,

      Your Comment: BTW Islam is a semitic religion, as is yours, and most people demonstrate you terror agains Palestine.

      My Comment: As a believer in Christ, where is it that we (believers in Christ) have terrorized Palestine? The bible says Psalm 135:4 in For the Lord has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel as his own possession.

      What right do you or I have, or anyone in this World to say what land Israel belongs to other than God?

      I suggest you read the Word of Christ. You seem to have alot of anger in the tone of your words. I suggest you read the Word of God, and repent, laying everything in his hands. You will see a huge difference.

      James 1:20 For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

      God Bless.

      1. Actually, Gloria, Islam is NOT a religion, merely an ideology. As is Catholicism. To be a religion it has to fulfill the ABC-rule:

        (A)ffirmation, (B)elief and (C)onversion. Neither Islam nor Catholicism has (A)ffirmation. Islam is fatalistic (Insh’Allah) and in Catholicism it is forbidden to be Affirmed in faith.

    2. Dan Gaute: You are so far of your depth, that you seriously need to swim back to shore.
      1. Islam promotes terror, even invented it. Neither Judaism nor Christianity does that.
      2. There is no country called Palestine. Nor is there a Palestinian people. This has been proven again and again, but you believe the lies of Sidsel Wold and NRK. Clearly.
      3. Norway is the most anti-semitic country in modern Europe. Led by a fascist government.

  3. And what i mean with only is not that it wasent bad that 200 died, but that was almost nothing when you look at other countries.

    I think that evryone who were innocent of this war should get their RIP, no mather if it is a jew, muslim, black person, homosexual, handicapped and so on.

    1. Dan,

      Your comment: I think that evryone who were innocent of this war should get their RIP, no mather if it is a jew, muslim, black person, homosexual, handicapped and so on.

      My Comment: The bible is clear on what happens if you are a TRUE believer of Jesus Christ.

      John 5:24 Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

      My Comments: And the bible is clear on those who DO NOT believe in Our Savior Jesus Christ, no matter what color you are or what race you are.

      Revelation 21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

      The Word of God is simply the truth.

      1. The truth, really? From what you quote, the author of Revelation seems to take the existence of sorcerers for granted. That alone should be enough to call the “truth” of the whole book into doubt. It is this very exclusivity – we’re saved, you’re damned – that keeps a lot of dedicated humanists out of the pews.

  4. Well, there was one difference between Hamsun and Quisling. Hamsun was a great novelist, and they can’t be executed or disowned so easily. The US faced with the same problem after the war: What to do with Ezra Pound, who broadcast for the fascists from Italy, was indeed anti-Semitic, and went on signing his letter with an “88.” It was either hang him for treason or declare him insane. He probably should have been hanged, but you don’t do that to poets. So, he was locked away at St. Elizabeth’s. I believe the same was done for Hamsun: he was quietly given the benefit of the doubt (when, actually, there was no doubt), and said to be mentally inform on account of his advanced age.

  5. Joe, if you don’t believe there are sorcerers, you are at least historically of your rockers? What about Aleister Crowley? Self-professed sorcerer.
    And furthermore, which is more important: The Greek word for sorcerer is: Pharmakos, and means: «Someone who uses drugs to have spiritual experiences”.

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