Henry Ford started magazine to defame Jews

Every week for 91 issues, the paper exposed in a headline, some sort of Jewish-insprired evil major story.

The founder of Ford Motor was a Jew-hater.
The founder of Ford Motor was a Jew-hater.

The International Jew is a four volume set of booklets or pamphlets originally published and distributed in the early 1920s by Henry Ford, an American industrialist and automobile manufacturer.

In Spring 1920, Henry Ford made his personal newspaper The Dearborn Independent chronicle what he considered the “Jewish Menace”. Every week for 91 issues, the paper exposed in a headline, some sort of Jewish-insprired evil major story.

The most popular and aggressive stories were then chosen to be reprinted by Ford into four volumes called the “International Jew”. [1]

It is to be distinguished from The International Jew: The World’s Problem which was the headline in The Dearborn Independent and is the name of a collection of articles serialized in The Dearborn Independent, a newspaper owned by Ford.

It is also to be distinguished from the title of the first volume of the series, namely, The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem (note the absence or presence of the word “Foremost” as the distinguishing mark in the subtitle).

Henry Ford.
Henry Ford.

At the Nuremberg Trials, Baldur von Schirach mentioned that The International Jew made a deep impression on him and his friends in their youth and influenced them in becoming antisemitic.

He said: “… we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success, also the exponent of a progressive social policy.
In the poverty-stricken and wretched Germany of the time, youth looked toward America, and apart from the great benefactor, Herbert Hoover, it was Henry Ford who to us represented America”.

In 1922, The New York Times reported that Adolf Hitler’s office contained a large picture of Ford. A well-thumbed copy of the International Jew was found in his library.

Source: Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Henry Ford started magazine to defame Jews

  1. ..be careful there Ivar less you reveal just how many of the ‘loving supportive democratic Nations’ who fought against Nazism in World War 2 was supportive of Hitler and the demise of the Jews!!,…

    They were not behind the scenes then and they are ‘not behind the scenes now…just a different coat of paint on their faces’…it’s still the same hateful spiritual demonic bunch of demons using as many ignorant people they can to bring about the hurt and/or fall of as many Jews as possible and the rise of the Anti-Christ as possible! Yet today many of the people (leaders) seem hell bent on giving themselves over to these haters of Jews and Christians…which is scriptural fulfillment …

  2. Henry Ford exposed those satanic rebellious people for who they were! When the Zionist Jews get exposed they scream “holocaust” or “antisemite” to justify themselves in order to gain the upper ground. Today we need more people like Mr. Ford in order to rid this nation of those Zionist trouble makers! Have you not noticed all of the filth coming into this nation? Have you not noticed that your “culture” is whatever the “Entertainment Industry” wants it to be! Turn off your brainwashing t.v. and become an activist! Fool, wake up!

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