Ford motor used the Fascists in Argentina

Ex-Ford Motors executives charged in tortures of union workers during Argentina’s dictatorship.

Executive chairman in  Ford Motor Company,Bill Ford makes more money if unions are terminated.
Executive chairman in Ford Motor Company,Bill Ford makes more money if workers unions are terminated.

Three former Ford Motor Co. executives have been charged with crimes against humanity in Argentina for allegedly targeting union workers for kidnapping and torture after the country’s 1976 military coup.

All three men are in their 80s now, and their case is part of a new wave of prosecutions focusing on corporate support for the dictators who ran Argentina from 1976-1983.

Factory director Pedro Muller, human resources chief Guillermo Galarraga and security manager Hector Francisco Jesus Sibilla are accused of giving names, ID numbers, pictures and home addresses to security forces who hauled two-dozen union workers off the factory floor to be tortured and interrogated and then sent to military prisons.

Judge Alicia Vence said Tuesday that eliminating union resistance inside Ford’s Argentina subsidiary was their goal.

Source: Fox News

My comment:

Only when you know that Henry Ford was a rabid Jew-hater, you will be able to understand the internal business culture of this American multinational.

The first thing Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini did was to abolish the workers union’s, and replace them with loyal “corporative cells”.

Ford Motor desired to boost its profits. The best way to do this, was to let the fascist cadres in Argentina deal with the workers unions.

In Latin America, the nexus between Roman Catholic Fascist dictatorship and the US corporations, produces fruits in the form of “Banana republics”. The population were robed by the Fascists, to make the USA able to collect and spend 25 per cent of the Wolds resources, having hardly five per cent of the Worlds population.

 1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

In a similar way, men like Mussolini and Hitler collected them resources of Europe, to be used to build a new “super power”.

If you can, sell your Ford. Do not support this corporation founded by one of the worst anti-Semites the World has ever seen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Ford motor used the Fascists in Argentina

  1. Truth be known the majority of the larger brand names that went over seas to open their businesses there was ‘to get labor cheap’…slave labor…it’s no different than it was before when they shipped the people into America or into any other Country to work for ‘cheap labor’…rotten to the core,….but lets hear a ”rip roaring shout for ”Lets’ buy American only”….(haha) funny..but have no fear…America is not the only ‘task Master of Pharaoh’s of the Worlds today…make no mistake about that…Saudi Arabia claims piety can’t shh the screams of their slaves either..and as for Ford…yes he was a Jew hater…as he too fought long and hard against any Union coming into his business…but he didn’t mind a ”thug” he hired to be in there to bust heads if the men talked while working and/or even appeared dissatisfied…yeah we have a great deal of ‘loving history of Jew haters in America’…sad but true…and a lot of ‘love that blonde-fair-hair-child’!!

  2. These guys are in their 80’s now, that was 37 years ago. What took them so long? I pray the Lord that all evil doings will come to light (be exposed) so people will see the truth. When judgement comes they will be without excuse because they know the truth but they believe lies. Jesus died on the cross for all sin, repent and believe in the only way to be saved for all eternity. Choose life.

    1. Dear nannette


      I am not targeting Ford Motors, because of any anti-American motive.

      This spring, a sting operation reveled that the Swedish textile major “H&M” exploit workers in Bangladesh, paying Muslim factory owners to destroy all unions. Just like the Fascists did.

      Fascism comes in many forms and colors. It is anti-human, and leads mankind on the path to war and destruction.

      Henry Ford was a hater of the Jewish people. John F. Kennedy and admirer of Mussolini and Hitler. Jimmy Carter a supporter of the Hamas. Ronald Reagen the man who recognized the Papacy, and Barack Hussein Obama the first US Commander in chief who hail Islam.

      It is only the prayer of Evangelical Christians in the US, that has delayed the coming wrath of God.

  3. Ivar, thank you for exposing the truth. I know the people in the United States have been lied to. You are right what you say, but the religious right don’t believe it. Either they know about it and lie, or they are just ignorant. George Bush was interviewed, the interviewer said, “when you looked into v. Putin’s eyes you saw his soul.” as he was speaking G.W. Bush was talking and said “his holy father” speaking about Pope Benedict the 16th. Then the interviewer asked, “when you look into Benedict the 16th eyes what do you see?” and G.W. said, “god”. That said, people are mixing mans religions and calling it Christian-they don’t know their history. In Acts 11:26 it says, “And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. so it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.” That leaves out the Catholic church who calls herself the ‘true church’. Before then, it was just Jews and Gentiles (heathen or Greeks). In the age of Grace we have Jew, Gentiles and believers in Messiah Jesus called Christians which are Jew and Gentile. Praise God for our wonderful salvation in Jesus! Thank you Ivar!

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