Drone’s will bring next war to the people of Europe

Germany is dragging Europe into the next war. Berlin is the first to arm the railway with drones.

The taggers are used as an excuse to bring drones into the streets of Berlin.
The taggers are used as an excuse to bring drones into the streets of Berlin.

Germany’s national railway operator spends millions each year to clean graffiti from its trains. In an effort to halt the damage, Deutsche Bahn has announced plans to deploy mini drones to catch vandals in the act.

Last year, Deutsche Bahn said it suffered property damage worth 7.6 million euros (USD 10 million) from people spray-painting its carriages.

The Germans have found the perfect excuse.
The Germans have found the perfect excuse.

Now the railway operator has said it will test a new method of surveillance to curb the vandalism.

Drone-like aerial vehicles will be equipped with four helicopter-style rotors and be able to shoot high-resolution thermal images of train depots at night – when the majority of vandalism is thought to take place.

Deutsche Bahn said it would only use the drones over its own property, not in public areas, which is in line with German anti-surveillance laws.

Source: DW.de

My comment:

The elite in Europe has always lead the continent into bloodshed and war.

Both Napoleon and Hitler knocked down the borders of national states and kingdoms, in a bid to form a “European union”.

The last frontier of freedom, has always been privacy at home and the freedom to chose. The drones are like the scorpion’s that will appear inside the Great Tribulation.

German bombers over London on 1940.
German bombers over London on 1940, during the battle of Britten.
The drones will soon bring the next war to your door.
The drones will soon bring the next war to your door.
Get your self an ultimate killer machine, and become a killer.
Get your self an ultimate private killer machine, and become a killer.

When the Fascist’s running the government’s get’s their taste for the drones, no one can be safe.  These antichrists will be able to trace you down, and terminate you.

A “train tagger” is an expensive individual. The best way to reduce the expences, is to terminate him. A small Drone carried bullet to the brain, and the government has silenced a “trouble maker”.

When the government turn to such tools of terror, the citizens has no other option than to arm them selves. They simply have to shoot down these drones, and fight a war for justice, liberty and freedom.

Do you understand that todays leaders of Europe, is taking us down the road towards the same catastrophe’s we have seen in the past?

Where did today’s elite go wrong?

They are accepting another Holocaust in the Middle Eats, supporting the PLO, the Hamas and Hezb”Alah.
Like in Nazi-Germany, the Jews are facing total termination.  This time gathered on a small piece of land, called the state of Israel.

Because the secular elite in Europe has launched a war against God of Israel, they drag curses down on their own heads. Also the lukewarm people who have lifted them into the office of power, will be laid on the bed of sufferings.

Do not support this evil.

Do not let the Government tag you. Do not make them able to use GPS to trace your location.

Live a life as a free human being, as long as possible.  Go underground if required. We can not escape the coming days of evil and darkness.  But Jesus the Messiah has shorten these days for the sake of the elect, all who keep on holding on to the truth.

Stay put. The Bible gives us a hundred percent sure victory. For all who obey and rely on Jesus, there will be a happy ending. Amen.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Drone’s will bring next war to the people of Europe

  1. I think a “clear thought” came to my mind yesterday. Not a new thought thou, but more like a veil being removed a little more so one can see an old picture more clearly:

    Islam hate Israel and the Jews because Allah hate them as stated in their “holy” book. Allah hate them because he do not want to accept the God of the Jews. Allah want to be his own God.

    EU and the West hate the Jewish God which they say they do not (want to) believe in. They want to be their own God instead. But since they claim they do not acknowledge the existence of the Jewish-Christian God, they also have to prove this. How? Since they can`t “punish Him directly, they choose to punish Him indirectly through critizing Israel instead, but by this they also are showing indirectly that they actually know that there is a God (but which they decided that they do not want to bow down to or believe in) .

    Do you see the picture? The socialist and humanists of the West do in fact believe that there is a God, they (ack)know(ledge) that there must be a God, but in the same time they fo not want to accept (or believe in) Him. To justify their own rightousness, they must prove this by critizising Israel and it`s “war machine” occupying the poor Arabs called Palestinians. But stating that Israel (that is God) is evil, they in the same time justtify and prove their ovn self-rightousness.

    Let me sum up. Allah (or Satan) say openly He hate the God of Israel by waging war against the Jews, and to a lesser extent against the true church
    The West say they do not want to bow down to the God they know exists, and do this by rebelling against the welfare of Israel and the Jews ,and to a lesser extent against the true church.

    So if you never have understood the unholy and silent alliance between muslims and soscialists before, you now do! In reality they hate each other, but the stronger hate og the Jewish God “unites” them temporarily. But soon the carpet will fall down…and that which is hidden will be revealed.

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