Run for your life by Carter Conlon

You need to be challenged film the pulpit. Spend an hour or so listening to this sermon.

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5 thoughts on “Run for your life by Carter Conlon

  1. Carter Conlon is one of my favorites. Times Square Church did a good job in picking him to be the lead pastor. David Wilkerson was a great lead pastor there too. There’s a stunning video piece called “Wake Up Church” that has circulated the web in recent years. It features Wilkerson, Conlon, a young Jim Cymbala, the late great Leonard Ravenhill, and another gifted preacher whose name escapes me at the moment. Look it up on a search engine—it will impact you. It is very moving.

  2. When God speaks those who know Him will listen and as daily will ask, plead, beg, fast, cry out ‘Try me O Lord with Your Fire’ and not stop but a continual daily, nightly life style!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I remember having listened to this sermon. I think I will listen to it once more. I regularly go to Times Square Church`s website to listen to sermons, testimonies and music. Cartor Conlon,preaches the whole gospel like it is, like David Wilkerson also did. There are not many who do that these days. Therefore I get so blessed from their preachings. Hope and pray that it will continue like that.

    Thanks for sharing, Ivar!

  4. May I also share with you my latest YT video with a song I wrote “Now I am free” which tells about coming to Christ and getting a whole new life;

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