– Two rockets hit a Hezbollah-controlled district in the southern part of Lebanon’s capital on Sunday, residents said, wounding several people.

The new "peace makers" in the world, cripples and kill for "allah"
The new “peace makers” in the world, cripples and kill their own brethren for “allah”

The attack may have been a response to a speech by the militant group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah a day earlier, in which he committed to fighting in Syria’s conflict on behalf of his ally President Bashar Assad.

The Syrian leader is fighting to end a two-year revolt against his rule.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslim has been on for 1400 years.

After World War II, the civil war was curbed by the replacement of British and French rule, by secular Arab dictatorships.  Nationalism kept Islamism at bay.

In 1948, 1952,1967 and 1973, the “liberated” Muslims approached unity in a bid to destroy their external enemy, the state of Israel.  When the Muslims prepared for the battles against Jerusalem, the internal religious war was stalled for some time.

The secular dictator’s failure to remove the Jewish statehood, led to an uprising of Islamic Jihad.  The revolution begun in Iran in 1979, and continued in Cairo is the so called “Arab spring”.  The continuation of the Islamic civil war speared over to Syria. Now Lebanon seems to be the next target for the barbarians, dragging this post-Christian nation into yet another religious war.

The is the sad state of affairs. Millions of people are being victimized because of the evil ideology of Islam.  Children are born into this world just to be cursed by their parents, refusing to repent, and accept that Muhammad was a false prophet, deceiving them and laying them on the bed of suffering.

The Post-Christian west are importing the same evil, and will eventually suffer the same consequences as Syria and Lebanon.

This evil will soon reach its Zenit, a sign that the return of the Messiah and the final judgment is just around the corner.

Repent, or perish.

Written by Ivar