Symbol of puppet Nazi-regime used in church in Norway

The parish in Nessoden shall be gathered in procession behind symbol of puppet Nazi-regime in Norway.

The old Puppet Nazi-symbol of Norway is used in a Lutheran church in Norway.

After the Utøya-massacre on 22nd of July 2011, the parish priest of Nesodden walked in a funeral procession with a local Imam. A local Muslim girl had been brutally killed by the Utøya-terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, and was buried at the separated Muslim part of the Church yard.

The parish priest at Nesodden walks with the local Imam in a funeral procession outside the Church.

The latest use of symbols in this Church, is displayed in the last edition of the local parish magazine. The sun cross picture is the cover on the front page.

The parish priest has chosen to use the national symbol of the puppet Qusling-regime that ruled Norway from 1942 to 1945.

The front pages of the local Church magazine expose that old habits die hard.

The local population of 16.000 souls are invited to join a Catholic inspired procession behind this symbol, used by Nazi-puppet Vidkun Quisling and his supporters.

Today, there is few among the locals who remember the Puppet Nazi regime. Only a small number of people have basic knowledge about the Catholic religion.  Still this Lutheran Church permits the Roman Catholic Bishop of Oslo to conduct Roman Catholic mass every second Sunday in a chapel in the parish.

When I googled for the symbol of this Nazi-regime, this is some of the illustrations that are made available.

The Puppet regime of Quisling used this symbol, and promised to work for “peace and justice”.

That the Lutheran state controlled Church in Norway is an antisemitic Church is well known. At least among people who know the history of Norway.  Presently, Norway is one of the main sponsors of Islamic terror against Israel.

When the Church of Norway want to fight for “peace and justice” together with Islam, the Lutherans in Norway support the same Jew-hate that Quisling represented in his party “Nasjonal Samling”. (National union).

Lets take a look at more pictures of the sun cross symbol of the Puppet Quisling regime:

The Quisling regime wanted to win the youth over for “peace work” in Europe.
This stamp in Norway use the Nazi version of the sun cross.
This stamp in Norway use the Nazi version of the sun cross.
The Quisling regime in Norway wanted the Police to lead and guide the youth.

The Puppet Nazi-party of Norway “Nasjonal Samling” do not exist anymore. Today it is Islam who lead the fight for the destruction of the state of Israel and termination of the Jewish people.

Norway support this agenda of Islam.

Norway is the most loyal supplier of fiances to Islamic terrorism against the state of Israel.

That this support for Islam also manifest it self in the Norwegian state controlled Church, is nothing but pure logic.

It was the Replacement theology of Rome who made it possible for the National Socialist Party (NSDAP) in Germany to rise to power.  Hitler got support in the Church for his views of the Jews being disconnected from their God, and cursed beings.

Hitler promised the people “peace and justice”. The same agenda promoted  by the Church of Norway. By his promise to punish the Jews, Hitler gave both Catholics and apostate Protestants in Germany something to fight for.

This Norwegian state controlled priest claims  this sun cross was used by Norwegians before the Reformation. The parish priest says it is a “Catholic” symbol.

This is a blunt lie.

First: The pagans in Norway used this symbol in ancient times: As early as 1500–500 B.C.

The first Christians who preached in Norway prior to the Reformation, were Keltic Christians.  They came before the Roman Catholics. The first followers of Jesus set up Keltic crosses in Norway around 700 A.D.

Let us take a look at two ancient Keltic sun crosses:

The Keltic sun cross at Gotland in Sweden.
The Keltic sun cross at Gotland in Sweden.
The wood of the Keltic sun cross goes beyond the circle.
The wood of the Keltic sun cross goes beyond the circle.

The ancient Pre-Reformation Keltic sun crosses is not the same as the sun cross of the Puppet Nazi regime . It has a circle,  but the edges of the wood makes it through the circle at all sides.

“The sun cross” at Nesodden south of Oslo has nothing to do with Christianity.  This symbol has its ancient origin in Assyria, many years before Jesus the Messiah walked on Earth in the flesh.

The pagan symbol of the sun god of Assyria.
The pagan symbol of the sun god of Assyria.

The Church of Nesodden has chosen the symbol of “Nasjonal Samling” as their bannar. Det same symbol used by the pagan priests in Assyria. Even the color on the sun cross at Nesodden is an exact copy of the symbol of the Quisling regime.

Those who are not blind will be able to see and understand.

First published: May 31st, 2012.

Written by Ivar

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