Nazi symbols back on priestly garments in Norway

In the National Cathedral of Norway, the Lutheran priests use garments with the Nazi symbol swastika.

Nazi symbols are again used by apostate Lutheran priests in Norway.
Nazi symbols are again used by apostate Lutheran priests in Norway.

Norwaw was a nazi puppet regime from 1940 to 1945.  But already in 1930, Nazi-symbols were sawed into the priestly garments for the celebration of “St. Olav” in the city of Trondheim.

The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK claim on their website that the Swastika is an ancient Christian symbol.  The NRK is owned by the Norwegian state, represented by the Minister of Culture. The present minister of culture is Mr. Hadia Tajiz, a Muslim of Pakistani decent.

Source: NRK.

My comment:

Norwegian history seems to be due for a revision.

Norway was a part of the Danish Catholic Kingdom before the Reformation in 1520 A.D. “St. Olav” made the Norwegians proper Roman Catholics by force. Those who refused to accept the Papacy, were slain by the sword.

 Matthew 23:33

“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

The national saint of Norway was a brutal murderer, who paved the way for entry of Roman Catholic Bishops. These Papal butchers quickly became the largest landowners in Norway. Their evil deeds were not revoked, before the successful Reformation.

    Lutheran head priestess Ragnhild Jepsen has no problem with the use of Nazi-symbols.
Lutheran head priestess in Trondheim, Ragnhild Jepsen has no problem with the use of Nazi-symbols.

Norwegians must also acknowledge their Nazi past.

Not only was “occupied Norway” a Nazi puppet regime when Hitler ruled in Berlin.

The Norwegian police helped the Nazis to arrest half of the Jews in Norway in November 1942.

The Norwegian Nazi-government ran by Vidkun Quisling sent the arrested Jews to Auschwitz.

That the apostate Lutheran priests in Norway, again desire to wear garments with Nazi-symbols, is but natural.

They base their faith on Replacement Theology, the idea that the Jews are the cursed enemies of God.

Hitler just lived out the ideology of such priests. During the Nurenberg trials, the Nazi-ideologists even quoted Martin Luther, as of their defense of the Holocaust.

Sadly, Luther fell back into Roman Catholic Jew-hate.  accepting violence and even murder of the Jewish people.

Do you support this lawless religious movement?

Repent or perish.

Jesus the Messiah is the King of the Jews, and He shall rule over the house of Jacob forever. Amen.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “Nazi symbols back on priestly garments in Norway

  1. The Swastika symbol it is not a Nazi symbol but a Pagan symbol which represent the Sun God and in Occultism it represents Satan. Hitler did not invented the symbol but just borrowed it. Hitler himself was an adept of Occultism. This symbol you will find it in the Catholic Church in Buddhism along with many symbols which are so called “ancient Christian symbols”. Many churches this days are fulled in to using all this “Christian” symbols. People , get informed ,study, and you will shocked to know how much is is false Christianity.
    May the Lord bless us!

  2. No, Ivar, Olav Haraldsson was not a brutish murderer. Here you really need to check your facts. Those allegations are made by his enemies, during the Romantic Era. There simply is no truth to them.

    Olav was a baptized in Russia, this is clearly proven by Marta Steinsvik in her eminent book: Hellig-Olav og den norske statskirke. He was a Russian Orthodox old school Christian, who followed shabbat, even – and struggled to keep the church of Norway as it was – Celtic/Orthodox, not Catholic, he failed.

    Even his name Olav comes from his baptism, it is the same name as Oleg (Russian) meaning “Holy”, so actually “Olav the holy” is pleonism – A greek translation would have said: “Olav, that is, “The Holy one”. Olav was a true Norwegian king – and he has never been sanctified by Rome.

    Even Thorir Hund, who slew Olav, went on a pilgrimage to Jorsalaland to “atone his sin of killing the king” shortly afterwards. Does that sound like a “heathen” worshipping Odin and Tòr to you? On the other hand he most likely was a Catholic opposing true Christian faith of the king.

    The struggle against Catholicism first ended with the death of king Sverre much, much later, and the first result of this was the forbiddance of all things Orthodox/Celtic, like cooking soap. The result, a massive onslaught of disease/death during the Black Plague, which almost eradicated the people of Norway.

    BTW: I was of the same opinion as you, years back, as a young Christian, and then I was made aware of the truth. The undeniable facts of how Olav was painted in black, in the same way he painted the cross on our mountains with his blood, to quote the National Anthem.

    1. Dear xlstorstrand

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      This is yet another confusing message from you, based on complete rubbish. Your work is based on conspiracy thinking, and contradict easily provable facts.

      St Olav enforced Catholicism on Norway on 1023 A.D on Moster. The King and the state became the protector of the Church. It was forbidden to eat meat on Fridays, and all children should be confined for infant baptism.

      A man who kills for Christ, is an anti-Christ. There are many of them around, also on this blog.

      Please stay away from this site.

      1. Dear xlstorstrand


        This is not based on atheist historians. This is based on a true Baptist Christian view on World History. “St. Olav” was a brutal murderer, baptized in Normandie in France.

        There is a possibility that Olav converted to Christianity in exile in Russia, and repented for accepting Catholicism. On his return to Norway, he died in a military battle.

        But it was anyhow too late to save Norway from becoming a Catholic Kingdom, where the Bishop’s robbed people from their properties.

        I am a “stril”, and we had to fight this evil in two wars in the areas around Bergen. Not before the Reformation in 1520 A.D, we got partly rid of the evil of Catholicism.

      2. And I have been fighting the evil of Catholicism for almost thirty years, plus the fact that I have a degree in history, and have been arguing these issues against Catholic professors and other liars.

        Olav was saved and baptized in Russia, not in Normandie, that is a fantasy, that is proved unfounded by Marta Steinsvik.

      3. Dear xlstorstrand


        You must completely lacking discernment, using Marta Steinsvik as you source: She was a rabid antisemite and Jew-hater.

        This is a quote from Wikipedia:

        Hun var en ivrig propagandist for det antisemittiske og forfalskete verket Sions vises protokoller, og holdt flere foredrag om jødenes angivelig destruktive innflytelse. Hun ivret også for gjeninnføringen av «jødeparagrafen» i den norske grunnloven.

        Let me repeat. Please stay off this site with your fraud.

      4. That counters anything that she wrote as a born-again-Christian.

        Maybe this was true before she was saved. After all, she was an anthroposofist for many years – before she was saved.

        There is forgiveness for anything, except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

  3. And let me repeat: You need to repent from your lies about Olav Haraldsson. He was not a Catholic. He was a true, born again Celtic/Orthodox, as the majority in Norway was at his time.

    Catholicisms fangs only grabbed Norway around 1250.

    1. xlstorstrand


      Norway became a Catholic Kingdom by the acts of violent men like “St. Olav”. No need to repent. False Christians and Catholics made Catholicism the state religion in Norway, not abolished partly before the Reformation in 1520. A.D.

      The persecuted laymen of Jesus, rejected by the organized state church, have always upheld true Christianity.

      Today, this legacy of “St.Olav” falsehood lives on. Deeply dug into the various Lutheran Churches in Norway.

      Celtic/Orthodoxy, you must be kidding. Even spirit filled Celtic Christianity was taken over by the Orthodox forces. All true Christianity turns into religious anti-Christianity when the days of revival is over, and the “bishops” takes control.

      This happened in Ireland in 600-900 A.D. In Norway, true Christianity lived on after 1030 A.D as a persecuted Church. True Christians are always rejected, not being authorized to write official Church history.

      True Christians do not kill anyone. Both Constantine the Great and “St.Olav” were brutal religious killers.

      1. That is true, but not before 250 years after you state, about 1250. Olav was a genuine Christian.

        You need to understand this, Ivar, that our common enemy, the Roman-Catholic Church will use ANY MEANS applicable to divide those that stand against her.

        I don’t know if you can afford that, but I most certainly cannot.

        BTW: There is nothing wrong with baptizing infants as such. What is erroneous is the Catholic doctrine of rebirth through baptism. That is unbiblical. To baptize one’s children as a testimony that one wants to bring up one’s children in the faith, is quite another issue than the Catholic doctrine.

        BTW2: I oppose any form of abortion. I detest it. I wouldn’t even cooperate with the Roman-Catholic churchs representatives against this. Because their doctrine in the issue is that “unbaptized children, aborted children included, goes to hell” (Yes, I have heard Catholic clergy state this – even Lutheran clergy!) And that is utterly wrong.

      2. Dear xlstorstrand


        The doctrine of infant baptism is Roman Catholic. Even Martin Luther was a baptist from 1518 to 1521 A.D, rejecting this falsehood.

        There are many Lutheran’s who act like Luther. They accept that baptized infants will end up in Hell, regardless of what the priests might claim. Any man, when he is old enough to become aware of sin, must repent and believe.

        Evangelical Lutherans understand that every human being must be born again by the spirit of God, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The rebirth is a personal surrender to Jesus, not salvation by acts of men.

        Lutheran Mission hero’s like Marie Monsen and Lars Skrefsrud were re-baptized. They obeyed the scriptures. This is a taboo among many Evangelical Lutherans, who refuse to copy their example.

        Baptism is the first act of holiness, obeying the Messiah by an oath to follow Him.

        The Bible says that all who believe and is baptized shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who reject Him shall perish. Be baptized, the way Jesus was baptized. If you follow His example, and walk on Earth as he did, you are safe.

        I accept that there are Christians who can not accept this. I still consider them as brethren. But I will never compromise on the Scriptures. If you do, you will have to explain why to Jesus. Not me. I am not your judge.

  4. I am baptized. I was baptized May 10th, at Skostredet 17, DFEF in Bergen, by my own choice.
    But your notion that infant baptism is Roman Catholic per se is wrong. Baptizing Children was practiced way before there existed any Roman Catholic Church.
    BUT THE DOCTRINE of Salvation in baptism is wrong. Everything stands or falls with this.
    My oldest son, was baptized at a Norwegian Bedehus in 1996, by a born again preacher, without any Roman Catholic hogwash, as a testimony to God that WE believed in God, and wanted to teach him to do the same. Whether he baptizes or not – when he comes to any conclusion, will and must be HIS choice alone – with an understanding with God. Force is not applicable.

    My two younger Children 4, and 1 are not baptized. My wife is Russian Orthodox, a church that now has sold its soul to Rome, through the Hierarchy. And I don’t want a priest not born again to baptize my children. I, however, teach my Children about Yeshua.

    Neither am I a member of the Lutheran Church of Norway. Haven’t been for 25 years, nigh on.

    You are right about the Swastika, of course, but it remains a fact that it was used among byzantine Christians, in the early ages of our era. That only proves that Babylon had conquered them very early.

    However, Olav was a true, born-again Christian.

    1. Dear xlstorstrand


      Congratulation with your baptism. DEFF is one of the few Christian Churches in Norway that still rejects Roman Catholicism. Before 2006, most of the Baptist, Pentecostal or free Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Norway did not accept the papacy.

      I was baptized in December 2005. By a conviction in my heart that Jesus is alive, ready to give an oath to follow Him and honor Him.

  5. Ivar Fjeld og Storstrand.

    Det tjener ingen af jer til ære, at I lufter jeres uenighed på dette medie. I er begge i Norge, så brug dog telefonen eller andet.

  6. You fools, just by you all above people calling a person a saint – YOU ALL are breaking the Fisrt Commandment “Do not worship any god except Yahwe”
    So by you going ga-ga for your so called st olav you are making olav higher than GOD.

    Remember satan still presents like and angel look into 2 cor 11: 14-15

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