Read from the Koran inside the National Cathedral of Norway

For the first time ever, the Koran was used under the service inside the National Cathedral in Trondheim in Norway. 

The Norwegian King inside the National Cathedral “Nidarosdomen”.  In the future this Church might be turned into a temple of all faiths.

The message from the Koran was received with applause by the pupils from two schools. They were gathered to celebrate the formation day of the United Nations (UN.

This is what a Norwegian daily have recorded:

The texts from the Koran was read by two pupils, They read from the Koran after some fellow students had read some verses in the new and old testament. The common messages from both the Bible and the Koran were about the need to seek “peace” and “justice”.

Bodil Slørdal live in darkness. She is a state sponsored Muslim dressed up as a priest .

Faiza from Somalia quoted the “prophet Muhammad” who encourage the listener to chose good over evil. The messenger promised that enemies would be turned into friends.

Laok from Iraq quoted the prophets version of the narrow path. According to the Koran, this is to free a slave and give food to the poor people.

The local vicar Lars Sperre was in charge of the Church service, together with female priestess Bodil Slørdal Sperre.  They were both proud to have arranged for this historical event.

– By permitting verses from the Koran to be read, we wanted to hold a mas lead by a spirit of tolerance. We live in a society based on religious plurality. This must be manifested also inside our Churches, explains Sperre.

He was leading the procession of the pupils. They marched into the church before service, and out of the door after the service was conducted.

Source: Norwegian daily Adresseavisen.

My comment:

Norway is bowing in the direction of Mecca.

Bodil Slørdal started her religious career as a priestess in a state “Church” in the city of Oslo. Already during her services in Oslo, she exposed her fascination for Muhammad. Several times she quoted from the Koran during mass.

She was promoted, and called to service in the National Cathedral in Trondheim.

When did Norway started on the wrong path?

Norway has for the past two decades being the most committed sponsor in Europe of Islamic terrorism against Israel. Not less than 150 million USD have been spent to support the PLO since 2009.

The Norwegians have been calling curses down on their own heads.

If you are completely blind, you will not be able to see that Islam is on the rise in Norway.

In July 2012 the Norwegian parliament changed the Norwegian constitution. The politicians removed the words “Evangelical” and “Lutheran” from the legal framework of the Kingdom.

Norway struck oil in 1969. This nation of hardly five million souls own one per cent of the shares available on Stock exchanges across the World.

After the return to paganism, the leadership in Norway has been exposed to be corrupt beyond repaid. A true and valid statement: Norwegians are on the highway to Hell, with their pockets full of silver and gold.

First published: 9th of October 2012.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Read from the Koran inside the National Cathedral of Norway

  1. It is really sad for me as an Englishman to see the decline of the nation that founded the biggest empire the world has ever seen and whom gave its language to the world, but its just as sad to see what was a mighty nation from whence the Vikingr people went out and conquered founding new lands and territories, increasing trade routes etc now themselves under the dhimi rule subjecting themselves to foreign authority and power without such as a wimper of protest, its like they are asleep to it all.

  2. For sure, what Paul warned Timothy about is taking place. Paul said that the time would come when people would “to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

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