Lebanon will become al-Nusra’s alternative battlefield.

al-Qaida and Hizb'Allah  will soon cripple and kill each other.
al-Qaida and Hizb’Allah will soon cripple and kill each other in a bloodbath in Syria.

The Syrian Salafist group Jabhat Al-Nusra declared in Jordan that it has set the confrontation with Hezbollah militants in Syria as a top priority.

Jordan-based al-Qaeda-affiliate Mohammad Al Shalabi, alias Abi Sayyaf, said that Jabhat al-Nusra has taken a decision to fight Hezbollah militants, who have become “our Jihadists’ main target” across Syria.

This came after Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah declared last week that Hezbollah will stand by Syria and help it become a state of resistance. He announced that Hezbollah is ready to receive any sort of qualitative weapons even if it is going to disrupt the regional balance.

Source: mmedia.me

My comment:

The civil war within Islam has now continued for 1400 years. Sunni Muslims slaughter their Shia brethren, and visa versa.

Syria is being turned into a grotesque slaughter house. The true face of Islam is being displayed, and it is ugly. Muslims are now killing their own Muslim brethren in their tens of thousands.

Members of the two most brutal Islamic terrorists organizations will soon slay each other with swords. The soldiers of Jihad are merciless, cold blooded murderers, who rape and destroy their own brethren in the name of “allah”.

Since 630 A.D, the desert demon “allah” have continued to produce bad fruits. If you are a Muslim, please pay attention. Renounce this evil.  Muhammad is a false prophet. Repent or perish.

Please embrace Jesus the Messiah as God and savior. He loves you. He do not want to harm you. Amen.

Written Ivar