Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman feels the EU treats Ahmadinejad the way Europe treated Hitler in the 1930-ties.

EU Foreign policy maker Cathrine Ashton and Israel’s FM Avigdor Lieberman.

Avigdor Liberman invokes West’s failure to prevent Holocaust in urging EU to “pass the right message” to Iran at upcoming meeting.

The failure of the EU to make the “right decision and the lack of willingness to adopt strict sanctions against Iran will bring us to the brink of a new reality similar to that which existed in the 1930s, when the West erred, and instead of strangling the Nazi regime at the outset, decided to compromise and appease Hitler,” he said.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman characterized Monday’s meeting of 27 EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg as “critical” in sending a message of determination and resolve from the West to Tehran.

The foreign ministers, at their monthly meeting, are scheduled to discuss tightening European sanctions on Iran, something the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany – all members of the body known as the P5+1 that has been negotiating with Iran – have called for.

“It is critical, essential and necessary that the EU pass the right message, which is that the West has enough will and determination to stop the Iranian efforts to destabilize the world,” Liberman said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

I keep on coming back to the errors of Lieutenant Colonel Franz Joseph Hermann Michael Maria von Papen zu Köningen. Simply “Von Papen”.

Von Papen trusted Hitler, and made a “peace treaty” with the Nazi-party. .

He was the leader of the Catholic center party.

He was convinced that Adolf Hitler would leave his extremism and become a great center politician, when confronted by the realities, and working in a coalition government.

Von Papen made a “peace deal” with Herr Hitler.

When he was offered the post as Vice canceler in Hitlers cabinet, Von Papen merged the Catholic center party withe the Nazi-party.

Von Papen did not fully understand the evil forces he was dealing with, and became a part of.

After World War II like minded people have been called “papenheimer’s”. 

Today, less than 80 years later, we see the European leaders committing the same mistakes in regards to Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Are you one of these “papenheimer’s”?

Written by Ivar