A Jewish family was violently attacked by Arab and foreign protestors as they moved into their new home on the eastern side of Jerusalem, which is claimed by the Palestinians as their future capital.

Jews in Berlin were persecuted just because they were Jewish.

The assailants, which included many left-wing Americans, used stones and clubs to attack the family and the security guards present at the site. One security guard was wounded before police could bring the rioters under control.

While the Arabs claim the property is theirs, in reality is belonged to the Sephardic Community Committee and housed Jewish family up until 60 years ago, when the Jews were driven out by invading Jordanian forces. Israel’s Supreme Court recently ruled that the original owners may legally reclaim possession of the property.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment

The anti-Zionists work together with Islam, using the same methods as the Nazis was using in the 1930-ties. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 became the beginning of the end for the Jews in Europe. The Jews were robbed for all their properties, and later slaughtered in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

The Nazi-laws are similar to the laws US President Barack Obama wants to enforce as new International law on the state of Israel. The idèa that there a certain areas and nations that Jews are not allowed to live and build, is pure racism. To make Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem «Judenrein» is exactly what Adolf Hitler would have done.

This was the effect of the The Nuremberg Laws:

People defined as Jews could then be barred from employment as lawyers, doctors or journalists.

Jews were prohibited from using state hospitals and could not be educated by the state past the age of 14.

Public parks, libraries and beaches were closed to Jews. War memorials were to have Jewish names expunged.

Even the lottery could not award winnings to Jews.

Jews, at the insistence of Swiss immigration officials, were required to adopt a middle name: «Sara» for women and «Israel» for men when applying for a passport.

These passports were required to have a large “J” stamped on them and could be used to leave Germany – but not to return

First published: 3rd of December 2009.

Written by Ivar