Hamas official tells Palestinian news agency the two parties held positive talks in Cairo, agreed on timeline for reconciliation.

Amu Mazen and Khaled Meshaal will again unite and work for the destruction of Israel.
Amu Mazen and Khaled Meshaal will again unite and work for the destruction of Israel.

Fatah and Hamas agreed on Tuesday to form a unity government within three months, a senior Hamas official told Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

Moussa Abu Marzouq, deputy chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, told Ma’an that Hamas and Fatah held positive talks in Cairo and that the parties agreed to a timeline to implement reconciliation by July.
Marzouq said that no names were discussed for the new government in the Tuesday talks.

Last year, Hamas and Fatah reached an agreement in Doha, Qatar, to form a unity government that would pave the way for new presidential and parliamentary elections. The agreement stipulates that Abbas would serve as prime minister in addition to his job as PA president.

Amal Hamad, a member of the Fatah Central Committee from Gaza, said on Monday that Hamas was not serious about achieving reconciliation with Fatah.

“Hamas is interested in maintaining its Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip,” she charged.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

At the end of the road, it will be the whole World against Israel.

To be able to establish this colorful rainbow alliance, there has to come some radical changes.

1. The 1.400 old civil war within Islam must end. The sunny Muslim Brotherhood and the Shia regime in Iran must make peace.

2. All Muslims must embrace Jihad, end their disagreements, and fight for the destruction of Zionist Israel.

3. The West must embrace the Islamic “peace agreement”, and work together with the Jihad movement.  Billions must be raised to fund the ongoing war on Zionism.

The West has already done their part. NATO fought with Islamic Jihad in Libya, and are presently arming al-Qaida in the battle for Damascus.

To the great disappointment in cities like Washington and London, Arabian Nationalists have not fulfilled their promises.  The PLO-Hamas split expose serious disagreements, making a two-state-solution an impossibility.  The International community are now putting more cash on the table.  Surely the PLO and Hamas will re-unite, so all end time prophecies can be fulfilled.

Are you a supporter of this unclean, and evil uprising?

Repent, or perish.

God of Israel will gather all his enemies for the last and final battle in Zion.

Written by Ivar