John Paul II lookalike arrested for “usurpation of title'”

Wearing a crucifix, a skull cap and a white cassock, he is the spitting image of the late John Paul II.

This man is fined for dressing up without being properly authorized.
This man is fined for dressing up without  proper authorization.

But a performer who has been entertaining tourists in Rome in recent weeks with his striking resemblance to the former Polish Pope has been arrested and fined in an unusual case of lese majeste.

The performer, who is from Slovakia, recently posed for photographs for The Daily Telegraph in return for a few coins tossed into a silver platter.

“John Paul was a great Pope. Lots of people ask to have their photograph taken with me,” he said.
Sitting on a chair and smiling beatifically while reading a Bible, he had staked out a spot on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, the broad avenue that leads up to the Colosseum.

Thronged with tourists at all times of the day, it appeared to be a lucrative patch, with visitors stopping and staring in surprise at his similarity to the popular Polish pontiff.

The pope performer was detained on Friday when police told him he will be hit with a fine of between 154 and 929


My comment:

Surely, Elvis has left the building

An act of usurping is “wrongful seizure of royal sovereignty”.

This copy-cat Pope has resurfaced without being authorized to do so…. A crime in Italy.

In America it would be unthinkable to arrest an Elvis look- a-like. To the radical opposite those who looked like the former pop-star are considered hero’s, and annual contests are arranged to crown the best of them.

This might be a good idea for the Vatican.  A lot of money can be raised from exposing these men on Prime time TV.

This look-a-like was competing with the beggar’s. Seeing a Pope on the street, collecting money meant for the poor, was obviously too must to bear, even for the Police in Rome.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “John Paul II lookalike arrested for “usurpation of title'”

  1. Anyhow, Karol Wojtyla was a pope as-fake-as-can-be. He never gave the «holy papal vow» at his inauguration nor later in his reign. That means, in practice, that anything and everything he decided and spoke, as pope, representative of the Roman Catholic Church, was/is null and void.

    Have you ever heard of the Catholic oath with a reservation? (That might not be the correct term, it is merely my translation in the early morning hours). When a catholic (priest, at least) swears publicly, he can swear or make an oath with silent reservation, which he or the church later can recant upon (According to Alphonsus De Liguori). This is parallel to the muslim «taqqiya» lying to save the face of Allah.

    Thus, when Karol Wojtyla spoke and asked Israel for forgiveness about the holocaust (of which he himself was an active part) it really meant nothing, it was just a means of appeasement towards Israel, so that if possible – even the elect could be deceived, as Yeshua says. Shimon Peres has been fooled, but then again he is freemason, so there’s no reason to be stumped.

    I don’t know if the same applies to Joseph Ratzinger. If anyone knows that, please inform. And the latter has made the Jesuit Oath of Induction, that much is clear, and as such he is a very dangerous man.

    Thus we can state without reservation and without any form of taqqiya in our hearts, that if there ever was a usurper to the papal throne it was Karol Wojtyla himself, and the man who was arrested for acting like him must go free, for one cannot usurp the throne of a usurper.

  2. It’s the same thing if one were to dress up like ”Pharaoh Obama and have pictures taken with him and tourists”..he’d get arrested also…..people get picky over their leaders ‘or ex-leaders whether they were alive or dead …(smile)

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