The US gave Libya to Islamic Jihad

‘Life for most Libyans is worse than it was under Gaddafi’.

    David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy fighting hard to spread radical Islam in North Africa . Here the party is on in Tripoli.
David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy fighting hard to spread radical Islam in North Africa . Here the party is on in Tripoli.

The UK and US are removing some diplomatic staff from Libya amid political unrest throughout the country. Professor Mark Almond told RT that the spike in violence is mostly due to Libya’s state of disorder – which has worsened since Gaddafi’s overthrow.

The US State Department said that it has “approved the ordered departure of non-emergency personnel from Libya.” It said that the US embassy in Tripoli would continue to remain “open and functioning.”
A spokesman for the Foreign Office said that Britain’s embassy is temporarily withdrawing a small number of staff – most of which “work in support of government ministries which have been affected by recent developments.”.

As long as Gadaffi worked for the CIA and did the will of Washington, he was a good guy.
As long as Gaddafi worked for the CIA and did the will of Washington, he was among the  good guy’s.
Obama and Gaddafi were on the same side.
Obama and Gaddafi were on the same side. But Obama chose the Islamic way.

Those “recent developments” refer to an increase in violence which was sparked after two ex-rebels besieged two ministries last month over a law that would ban officials who served under former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Since then, gunmen have surrounded the Libyan foreign embassy and Benghazi has been the target of bomb attacks which left a police station damaged.

Source: Russian TV.

My comment:

Since most of the Western media just copy the official press releases, it gives some relief to read Russian Media. Not completely free from Putinism, but still bringing come valuable insight.

When NATO was misused to removed a secular dictator in Libya, the military might of Uncle Sam was used to support people who kill in the name of “allah”.

Washington has now more than 20 years experience in helping Islamic forces to take over nations in the Arabian and Persian world.

After the US removed Saddam Hussein from power, Iraq has sunk deep into anarchy, chaos and Islamic sectarian violence.

When the Obama Administration is ready toe declare “victory” in Kabul. Afghanistan will go the same way.

The US Presidents are subjects to the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both president George W. Bush and President Obama traveled to Riyadh, to receive their awards. Honored for their great achievement for Islam.

The ongoing betrayal is massive, and the creepy decease is spreading deep inside the corridors of power in Washington.

The Trojan horse has arrived at the American shores.

Most Americans are spiritually blindfolded, and do not understand the tragedy that is about to take place.  They have accepted the lies of Obama, believing that Islam is a religion of peace.

Jesus the Messiah spoke about terrible times as we approach the end of this age.

The age of grace is about to close, and the age of divine judgment is about to begin. The majority of mankind will face judgment and perish.  But not you. Because you will be willing to repent, and obey Jesus of the Bible. Amen.

Written by Ivar.

One thought on “The US gave Libya to Islamic Jihad

  1. Seeing these things unfold is like a ‘re-run’ of the Bible opening up over and over as it’s read daily…but for those who don’t read their Bible daily….they stumble on the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.. I have noticed though…news like this post is more and more natural instinct.

    Yes the Trojan Horse not only has arrived but it has been driven in with banners waving ….with all the evilness that Satan has to offer within to be unleashed upon mankind when (as the doors are opened) which they were opened as each law was passed by both parties!!

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