There is a global propaganda campaign telling people that the Israeli Arab conflict started in 1967. Not true.

The Temple Mount was liberated by the IDF in 1967, but handed back to Islamic occupiers.
The Temple Mount was liberated by the IDF in 1967, but handed back to Islamic occupiers.

This is what Ruthie Blum writes in a column in Israel Hayom:

Contrary to widespread belief, based on a concerted propaganda campaign, this was not the event that created what has come to be called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On the contrary, it was precisely the pan-Arab attempt to eliminate the “Zionist entity” that sparked the three-front war in the first place. And it was Israel that liberated Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation.

This is something that most Israeli children are not even taught any more, which might explain why it is so easy to persuade them that if Israel would only make sacrifices for peace, the so-called Palestinian people could get about the business of building a state. After all, it is not only the Arabs born in Israel after 1967 who have been brainwashed by with a false narrative; so, too, have Jews been sold a bill of goods.

The difference is that the former are being educated in the art of annihilation, while the latter are being fed formulas for peace. Most cooperation programs funded and initiated by left-wing nongovernmental organizations involve groups of Israelis and Arabs gathering together to blame Israel for constituting an obstacle to Palestinian statehood. Kumbayah.

Source:  Israel Hayom

My comment:

The betrayal of Zionism will not take place among non-Jews. It will come from within the Jewish community it self.

For a Christian Zionist, it is hard to read this column. That Jews do no longer teach their children the true modern history of the state of Israel.

Than we can be sure, that the endgame in Jerusalem is about to begin.

Trying to defend  the1949 cease fire lines can not save the Jewish homeland.  The Arabs tried to destroy this small statehood from the day it declared independence.
The bid to destroy her goes on.

1967 was just another bid. Unfortunately for the Arabs, they lost this war too. And both the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria, and the city of Jerusalem was liberated. Jews were again permitted to settle on the land God of the Bible gave them.

At the end of the road, the Jewish people shall be willing to accept defeat. That they did not win the 1967 war, that the land are not theirs, but that an acceptance of defeat shall bring them peace.

I would rather tell the Jews to believe in Santa, than to accept this devilish plan to destroy the full state of Israel.

May Yeshua the Messiah have mercy on both Jews and gentiles. Amen.

Written by Ivar