Broke Benny asks for millions of dollars

Televangelist Benny Hinn has asked supporters of his ministry for USD 2.5 million in donations.

 Benny Hiinn seems to have wasted yoru cash, and desires some more.
Benny Hinn seems to have wasted your cash, and desire some more.

Hinn claims  an anonymous donor will match dollar by dollar to help him get out of debt.

“God wants your ministry to be completely out of debt, and I want to plant an anointed seed that will help you take a giant step toward becoming totally debt-free!” says the anonymous man, whom Hinn calls a “long-time and beloved” friend.

“God has laid it on my heart to plant a seed of USD 2.5 million into your ministry, but God only wants me to make this gift if the ministry partners match the amount within 90 days! I feel so strongly that He wants them to be part of the supernatural wealth transfer that is coming to every believer who will obey God’s Word,” the man reportedly adds.

Source: Christian Post.

My comment:

I am happy that the fleshy, luxury five star lifestyle of Benny Hinn has come to an halt. It was truly painful to see his misuse of money, that should have been gifted to truly spirit filled Christians.

 James 5:5

You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.

There is surely a short circuit in both the logic and theology of people who support this man.

If you give all your dollars to Benny Hinn, He will surly get the beef going. But you might not get a pie in return from the heavens.  You might end up as a bitter religious man, cursing God, whom you claim did not give you the promised return.

Jesus the Messiah is not an ATM-machine, available for Benny Hinn. Put some money in, and get some assured returns.

Prosperity teacher’s can not order God to repay all who send them some green bucks.

This kind of religious fraud keeps many Christians in bondage to an unclean spirit, falsely presented as the Holy Spirit. This kind of heretic money-mongers also keep millions of non-believers away from Christianity.

Stay away from this kind of fraud.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “Broke Benny asks for millions of dollars

  1. Amen HALLELUYAH thank you father in Heaven for allowing benny hinn to be humbled, he is such a HOAX and bogus fake it till ya make it person ! His women are very questionable also ?


    AGAIN HALLELUYAH! thank you father in Heaven, more of his kind need to become impoverished ASAP!

    :O) :O) :O) :O) :O) !! ! ! ! ! !!


    1. Dear Lars-Toralf


      It is true that Benny Hinn has embraced the Papacy. So have most of “Christians” in Norway.

      In 2006, Baptists and Pentecostals in Norway closed down their Christian advisory board, and merged with Norway Christian Council. All of them accepted Roman Catholicism as Christianity. We who disagreed have been treated with contempt. Few if any are willing to revoke this huge spiritual mistake.

      The heretic Word of Faith movement has polluted the global Pentecostal revival. Most of the preachers of the false prosperity Gospel accept the Papacy. True Christians find it increasingly difficult to work inside this revival who started in 1906. It has surely been derailed.

  2. Why doesn’t he learn to stop leeching off others? I am sure God would be far more happy if this thief reformed himself…

  3. You said it well Ivar…. James 5:5

    You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.

  4. He could always do what ordinary people have to do and sell some or all of his possessions to pay off his debtors. He can learn to be a giver rather than a taker. He should go and learn from Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and stop putting other people under moral pressure and themselves into debt to prop up his false ministry. He won’t get a dime from me!

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