The final trap laid for Netanyahu in China

China and Obama pressure Netanyahu to meet Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas inside China.

China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem in 2009
China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem in 2009

Despite the tension over the situation in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to depart on Sunday for a five-day trip to China. Netanyahu will meet with top Chinese government officials and promote economic agreements between the two countries. He will also warn China about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

An Israeli diplomatic official said on Saturday that Netanyahu would not meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in China, even though Abbas will be there at the same time.

“There is an American effort to renew [peace] negotiations,” the official said. “There is no need to go to China to meet with Abbas. The distance between Jerusalem and Ramallah is shorter.”

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

It is amazing to see Benjamin Netanyahu flying to China, for not less than five days.  Simultaneously, and absolutely not linked to each other, are we told, Holocaust dinner Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas, is in China too.

Big surprise. Abu Mazen is only in China to do some shopping.

That the PM of Israel leaves the Jewish homeland at the event of military strikes inside Syria, is even more spectacular. Under pressure from the two super powers USA and China, Bibi chose to bow and obey.

The PM will be out of the country if Syria retaliates, or Hezb”Allah fires back. Or have Obama secured that such will not take place while Bibi dines in Beijing?

Verdun (September 22, 1984)
Verdun (September 22, 1984)

My best guess is that the “last peace agreement” is just around the corner.

It will not surprise me if Obama and Mr. totalitarian in China, comes waking hand in hand into the signing ceremony in Jerusalem.

Just like the German and France leaders did, the day they abolished democracy in Europe, walking hand in hand.

The grand betrayal is on. The Oslo-accords will soon be replaced by the “China accords”. A popular vote in Israel will zeal the deal. The end game can begin, and the last and final antichrist can appear on the World stage.

Be ready for a bumpy ride. If you are not willing to embrace this “peace movement”, you will be the ultimate target. The new universal brotherhood will tell all that you are the “enemy of peace”, a voice that needs to be silenced.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The final trap laid for Netanyahu in China

  1. There also appears to be a renewed effort to internationalise the Temple Mount area under the name of ‘holy basin’. I guess we will be seeing the Pope take control of it.

    1. I’m trying to understand the fullness of all this so china and Israel will be the last signature to this ‘peace Agreement’? my history is not all that great and Im wondering if you can please elaborate on this… I get the pope roll in all this. In the mean time I will continue to pray for Israel, America actually for the world. God bless!

  2. Bibi is just playing along with them I don’t think he is been decieve, he smart and just playing along the closer am with my enemies the more I know what they are up my personal life I play along with people I don’t sin but I just play along and when the time comes they have no have to be smart with evil people live everything in god hands forgive them and play the end they have nothing left and is true at end the enemy of Israel will have nothing cause the Almighty got them.God Bless You guys .we don’t have to think out of the box all the time.

  3. Is amazing how god is bringing the enemies together.people are asking why is bibi in china,it’s because god is bringing the enemies of Israel together.Amazing

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