Danes and Finns gives terrorists diplomatic status

Foreign ministers of Denmark, Finland decide to upgrade status of “Palestinian missions” in their countries so ‘Palestine gets the same status’ as other embassies‬‬.

Helle Thorning is ready to give a Holocaust denier an Embassy in Copenhagen.
Danish PM Helle Thorning is ready to give a Holocaust denier an Embassy in Copenhagen.

Finland and Denmark have become the latest European countries to upgrade the status of Palestinian diplomatic missions.

Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja and Danish counterpart Villy Soevndal made the announcement Friday after a meeting of the Nordic foreign ministers in Stockholm.

Soevndal said the move means that “Palestine gets the same status” as embassies from other countries based in Helsinki and Copenhagen, adding that both countries believe Palestinian self-rule has “come very far in recent years.”

All five Nordic countries, which also include Sweden, Norway and Iceland, voted in favor of granting status to the Palestinians as a non-member observer state at the UN General Assembly in November.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

To what can we compare the Nordic contras acceptance for the PLO and the Hamas?

The Bader Mainhof was fighting to liberate Germany.  Oslo and Copenhagen should have let these “freedom fighters” operate as “ambassadors” for new-Germany on their soil.

The PKK works to establish a “Kurdistan”.  I am sure Turkey will not be pleased, if the government in Stockholm recognizes this nation, that will annex Eastern Turkey.

The Nazi-party has banned in Germany in in early 1920-ties.  The wise Scandinavians should have legalized Nazism at this stage, and let Hitler establish embassies in their capitals. Why wait till 1933 by doing the needful?

Likewise, the Islamic neo-Nazism is upheld in Copenhagen and Helsinki as something noble.

The terrorists in the PLO and the Hamas have changed their clothing, and walk in suits and use Hugo Boss ties.  They can afford such garments, because they are on the payroll of both the Social Democratic and Conservative parties.

All walk in agreement that Islamic neo-Nazism must do the needful, and find a final solution to the Jewish problem in the Middle East.

Written by Ivar

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